Black Girl Blonde Hair Hairstyle Ideas



Black blondes are familiar among the three leading music big bees Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj..! However the coloring of hair is blonde their hairstyles go varying for different shows and festivals and with the recent trends and styling of hair!!


Blondes are generally fun filled factor for their distinct and throwing property. Blondes vary with its shades and thus it doesn’t appear to ne monotonous for the ones who go crazy on such peppy and perky blondes..! Blonde suits almost all the major hair styling from braids to bantu knots and open waves to fish tail braid..!!


A pixie blonde with either platinum or a lighter smart gold is a fantabulous hairdo for bland girls which gives them a tomboy make over supported by a side partitioned scalp with a neat trimmed back!!


Open waves with a side swept soft bangs goes ultimately dashing for the black girls with a radiant and sparkle touch of light golden brown blonde totally….! This can also get started with a deeper shade on top and growing lighter by getting down!!


Spiral curls with multi blonde texture is a dashing style for the black ladies who wishes for a short and sassy hairdo!! This consists of all the blondes together on the different strands sculpting bobby brown, golden brown, golden and platinum..!! This looks chic on a wet hair!!


A straight bob cut associated with cute bangs either side swept or the straight ones that covers one’s forehead reflects perfectly well for a formal makeover.. This styling should be associated with some chemical products or otherwise this goes perfectly well for the girls having natural straight hair..!!


Jaunty elegant curly honey blonde is vivacious for black girls for their rusty tone of skin.. Black girls in fact set a daring example for being hotter in this hairdo!! The falling curls below the shoulders will be blowing with a dignified walk..!! The stunning way of this styling is to have deeper shade of blonde on top and making the shade lighter as it drops down for the pretty curls to get highlighted……!!


Every fans of Tyra banks knows her signature styling of open straight hair with sleek bangs that covers her forehead..! That golden blonde adds to the beauty of the styling displaying the thin strands visible all starting from the scalp till the hair tips..!!


An uncomplicated sleek of cascade is a mesmerizing hairdo and it is one of the dreams for most of the girls..!! This holds perfectly well for the ones who have long silky smooth hair. Most of the black girls are popular for their large forehead. All major hairdos will complement their bangs and fringes which are either straight or side falling. The blonde cascade goes stunning with one sided soft fringes.


A high ponytail with golden blond to the pony makes the look more elegant..!! This style looks stunning if it is not associated with any kind of fringes or bangs as the over- all beauty lies in the color differentiation on the scalp and the ponytail.


Blacks as their unique hairdos some of which certainly and perfectly goes well only for their rusty skin tone!!!!

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