Big Crochet Twists Hairstyles For Black Women



Latch hook braids are known as crochet braids with twists and it is one of the African American culture of hair styling!! Crochet twists are conventional braids in which the one’s natural scalp hair is twisted and taken up to cornrows and then an artificial synthetic hair will be attached to it by means crochet hooks.


A middle partition of hair with the crochet twist either small or medium twists of the strands makes the lady look phenomenal and stupendous!! These crochets can be associated with tiny colorful clutches that hold the twists as well as giving a glam make- over!! The same hair make-over can be side parted also..!!


Some formal and mesmerizing crochets are those which are medium sized and layered too!! The layered crochets give a fountain like make- over when it is associated with middle partition!


How about the look of a lady with long falling crochets on both the sides of the shoulder hiding them to the fullest??!! Such a style suits the ones with straight hair!! This also helps them to cover the sides of their large forehead!!


Giant twists with a side shaved scalp seem to be more daring for a woman to have such a make-over!! These crochet twists can also be associated with hair colors like blonde, grey, golden, stunning red, peppy pink, daring blue and girlish purple….!!


Crochet twists with evident and striking cornrows makes the scalp marvelous..!! This always goes perfectly well with some kind of partition either with a middle partition or a side way partition with varying and distinct ways of making cornrows!!


A crochet twists with curls in the ends are more stunning way of making crochet twists…. This need not be specially associated with any partitions.. It can be randomly separated in the middle or to the side way!! Curls established its place the styling industry for its majestic look when it is made perfectly.. Imagine a crochet twist continued with curls!! No doubt!! Will mesmerize and hypnotize the spectators!!


Crochet twist on a crochet twist gives a 3D effect for the crochet twisted strands and when some strands being associated with burgundy or stunning red makes the effect more splendid!!


Crochet twists which are left freely dropped down if associated with a floral wreath around the head looks tantalizing on the go!! These crochets can also be tied up to the top of the scalp as buns.. Or the same can also be taken behind for a delicate bun!! Half way up can be twirled to a bun or two in the middle of the scalp!!


Similar to African braids, crochet twists are also utilized in the ancient days with a religious and culture aspects in mind and it their cultural heritage which the African Americans followed….!! Like braids it is used for warmth and for protecting their hair from the environmental factors!! The same is being followed with distinct and varying techniques in the new ages with some stunning and marvelous creation and alteration throughout the crochet making….!!

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