Best Oscar Red Carpet Hairstyles



The Oscars have always been the most glamourous event for Hollywood celebrities. The best of the best is on show and when it comes to dressing up for the big night, no one wants to disappoint. After all, when the night is filled with the movie glitterati, each camera of the reporters is trained like a hawk on a celebrity’s every move.




And, boy oh boy, some actresses have seriously wowed us with their sensuous styles on Hollywood’s biggest night. One such personality is none other than the Walk the Line star, Reese Witherspoon. She hardly ever trips up on the red carpet and her golden bangs coupled with sleek strands that she sported in 2007, is one of the most sought after looks by the ladies.




Then in 2008, the Fantastic Five actress Jessica Alba wowed everyone with her oh so romantic double braid style topped off with a bun that was done up in a soothing manner.




But even simple styles can become fashion statements. In 2011, Kate Beckinsale did exactly that when she turned the simple tail into an object of object of sensuality by adding curls to the ends and a bouffant for extra height.




In the same year Jennifer Lawrence, of X-Men fame and at that time a relative newcomer, turned quite a few heads with her gorgeous blow down look. She paired a beautiful red Calvin Klein dress with a luscious and layered blow down hair. The look though essentially simple made her look drop dead beautiful. It also announced her as the one to look out for!




And then there is Diane Kruger. If they gave Oscars for styling up for the big night, she would win it hands down almost every year. The Inglorious Basterds actress is eternally stylish and at the 2010 Oscars she didn’t disappoint. She sported a twisty up do that was embellished with a jewelled hair clip. Oh, so chic. And oh, so beautiful.




In 2011 however there was another lady who also made quite the appearance. Iron Man actress, Gwyneth Paltrow showed up with her beautiful blond hair done up in a sleek ponytail that was hung low with the hair tucked in behind the ears on each side. This helped her manage her hair better. Smart and glamorous. A rare combination.




In 2009, the Mr and Mrs Smith star Angelina Jolie turned heads with her curly half up do style that showed off her Lorraine Schwartz drop earrings. Pretty as always.




The Bridesmaids star, Rose Byrne was a sight for sore eyes at the 2012 Oscars. She did up her hair in a smooth bob that went down as far as her chin. She topped it off with blunt bangs to accentuate her glowing eyes.




The Dark Knight Rises actress, Anne Hathaway who has made a name for herself for her acting chops can also pump up the oomph factor. At the 2011 Oscars, she showed up with the front of her hair all loose in a rather flirtatious way while doing up the back of her hair in a small tight bun. Very sophisticated indeed.




Another Oscar favourite is the Friends star, Jennifer Anniston. Known for her effortless sense of style she hardly ever disappoints and 2009 was no different. She looked ever so pretty and sensuous in a mini French braid along the hairline.




The immensely talented actress, Natalie Portman looked like a Greek goddess at the awards ceremony in 2009 with her curly up do and her perfectly positioned barrette that had an old-world sparkle to it. A stunner through and through.




An article on awards night style statements is never complete without a mention of the ethereal beauty, Kate Winslet. The Revolutionary Road star captivated the shutterbugs in 2009 with her retro look that harked back to the 1940’s. Her hair was done up in a faux-bob style and her stylist Renato Campora simply rolled up her hair with a bobby pin and some hairspray. An effortless beauty if ever there was one.

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