Best Hairstyles For Men

While a lot of styles are seen for women when it comes to hairstyles, men are not far behind. The recent decades have shown much to choose from. Be it long hair, or short hair or curly or straight, there is a style to suit men with all variations.

We are here to discuss on the most popular ones of this year and the last. These few hairstyles have taken over the trends and has been setting fires.

Starting with Simple short cuts, we take a look at the Caesar cut. This features a cut done close to the head with a slightly loner front graduating from the back. The cut is a modern take on the buzz cut. The sides and back are kept short and stubbly. The front mane is long enough to be spiked at the front or defined with a styling gel, if curly. Overall, this is a short haircut that gives a manly look.

Simple casual haircuts feature a slightly longer hair with a classic look. Classic, because it goes well on all guys and has been hanging around for many years. It has almost become evergreen. The slicked back look is a variation of this, but the simple casual hairstyle features the mane being pulled back on top or spiked with styling cream. The sides are shorter while the top has longer hair.

Brushed up hairstyle features the top mane, which is slightly longer tyan the simple cut, being brushed up with a neat look. A good amount of pomade can keep this style neat with the sides short. This can be adaptable for most haircuts that are short.

Pompadour, be it slicked back up at the center or parted at the side and brushed up, this is one classy look that has been coming back from the past years. The pomade style goes with any hair length and we have been observing many variations of the style.

Having short back and side hair, added with a long layered top hair, this is one for the hairstyles that have been rapidly sported on every trendy young man. The top layered cut gradually tapers to the tip at the front. This look is fresh and modern and adds a whole amount of fashion to the trendy and stylish men out there. This has been adapted somewhere in between the Mohawk and the Fohawk hairstyles, which themselves come in variations.

The undercut continues to make popular comebacks throughout the season and these days we see much variation of this hairstyle that it has become a quick favorite among most conservative men.

Now when it comes to long hair, men have ways of wearing it cool.

The undercut haircut for long hair features the bottom half trimmed short while the top half has a very long hair. This is often pulled up into a bun or a pony.

Most guys with long hair wear it in the messy bun. Take Brad Pitt and his long blonde mane.

Braids are not only popular among women, but among men as well. This is easy to achieve and comes with different styles that we have seen being worn by singers. This comes easier for them to maintain, if they do not want to be too bothered by their long mane.

Layered long hair up to the neck makes for a casual style that is neither short nor too long. The layers give it easy maintenance and textured look. The feathered ends take off the bulky look that it might otherwise show.

Surfer style hair has been so popular and has been making comebacks again and again. The long hair with the deep roots and lighter toned hair on top, done with good highlights give a great look to this kind of mane.

Long hair can still be styled in different ways that we cannot even begin to describe.

While there are so many more hairstyles, we gave you the best that has been trending this year. By the end of the year, many more will be there to replace some of these and we hope to see more cuts and styles.


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