Best Hair Colour Ideas And Styles



The term given to the meticulous process of changing a person’s hair colour using a lightener or just simple colours, is hair highlighting. This method is adopted by all those people who are seeking a way to jazz up their hair and make it stand out from the mundane. Highlights can give even the most ordinary hair a much-needed air of quirkiness or can even rake it up a notch and give it a new-found edge.




The possibilities are endless with hair colour highlights. One can go for dip dye highlights. This is the cheapest and most hassle-free method of colour highlighting. This method can be employed for adding a lighter or brighter colour to the roots of the hair. One can take a look at Jessie J’s beautiful waves of satin textured hair with bright brown ends.




However, if dip dying is too mundane then there is the option of going for ribbon highlights which is one of 2017’s trendiest fashion statements. Or, like Jessica Alba, one can go for tons of blonde slash caramel highlights. The effortless beauty Rose Byrne has also experimented with ribbon highlights with stunning results.




One can also opt for low lights which are a method of highlighting that is used to recreate the effects of the sun. In this method, the strands at the top of the head are of a light shade while those at the bottom are coloured darker. Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez also loves this style.




Now, if a girl has a short haircut like a pixie, then frosted highlights work well in tandem. This look involves bleaching each strand of hair to arrive at a multicoloured light and dark-blonde effect. This makes any short-haired girl look drop-dead cute much like Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence did when she went for frosted highlights. But if any actress has hit the ball out of the park when it comes to frosted highlights, it must be the evergreen Charlize Theron who went for dark visible roots to compliment the platinum tips in her pixie cut. Wow.




When one is talking about hair colouring one must talk about Balayage. Balayage or hair painting is the process through which a colourist colours those places where the sun would hit when one is outdoors. This creates a resplendent natural effect. This look has been endorsed by celebrities like Jessica Biel. Another famous technique is the Babylights. This technique mimics natural highlights by applying famous streaks that frame the face. This understated look was endorsed by the beautiful Miranda Kerr.


Then, there is the Ombre style of highlighting. This style, that suits actress Drew Barrymore to the t, applies darker shades at the top before progressing towards   lighter shades at the bottom layers. But, if a girl wants to add super thin highlights on her hair in a choppy fashion, then slicing is the best way to do it! Lastly, chunky highlights are also there for those who love thick highlights!




So, that is the nitty gritty of it. If a girl wants to add a dash of colour to her hair and is not scared of artificial colouring and is ready to do all the regular maintenance, then colour highlighting is the way ahead!

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