Best Female Celebrity Short Haircuts


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Female celebrity short haircuts.


Some women are made rock short haircuts. Whether it be the classic bob or the pixie, they can make it look ever so stylish and fancy. It just about gives a whole new level of inspiration to chop off our own locks. From Miley Cyrus to Emma Watson and who not, we have here, some of the best female celebrity short haircuts that will give us a tip next time we decide to keep the hair off our back.


Natalie Portman, the ever graceful and ever beautiful. Her pixie cut shows off the high collarbone and she looks no less sweet with her award winning smile and the chestnut brown locks


The female Johnny Depp, the young and beautiful Lily-Rose Depp with her short bob rounded at the bottom looks classy and serene, added with her structured high cheekbones and sharp jaw.


Emma Watson who is such an icon now days knows know to rock trends not only in her clothes but on her hair. The grown out pixie with the long side bangs tucked neatly and her rosy cheeks. Dainty young woman she had become from her days as 12-year-old Hermione Granger with the fuzzy locks.


The one celebrity who has the guts to do everything we dream of but can never get done. Her pixie is an inspiration. With her smile and beautiful grey eyes, she looks nothing short of a true pixie.


Vanessa Hudgens with her dark red lipstick and the slick and straight short hair. She is a diva with her overall look.


Anne Hathaway who has often been seen with short hairstyles makes sure than even a classic old fashioned bob with the layers and rounded soft bottom can look just as good. Her charming smile and pink cheeks and we are all done for it. Sold!


Beyoncé the diva and her short blunt ended short locks are just as flattering on her as anything else that she wears. Stuck between jealousy and admiration.


Leighton Meester with her straight slicked back hair looks nothing short of her famous character Blair Waldorf in this haircut. Her tick eyebrows and softer features compliments the haircut.


Emma Stone and her dark auburn hair and her short curly wavy lock. This look hits the jackpot with its length and the glossy color.


Lily Collins and her chic short hair is such a contradiction to how sweet she looks. But the haircut has been done justice and she looks like the good-girl gone sexy with this cut.


Carrey Mulligan and her short blonde locks with a darker base in such an inspiration for a classic pixie. The layers and texture makes it work like magic.


Karlie Kloss and her short locks doesn’t disappoint with the natural look and her dark smoky eyes. The French girl look done right.


Taylor Swift and her blonde locks and bob. The tousled curls and long feathery bangs is just about perfect. We always love her style and this looks no less good on her.


Kristen Stewart is a chameleon when it comes to hairstyles and haircuts. The slicked back straight look and smoky eyes. In love!


Kylie Jenner and her mid-length thick bob is a simple yet stylish look. When hasn’t this Kardashian sister not set a trend anyway?


Julia Garner does he curly haired short haircut justice. The corkscrew like small curls are just too adorable on her blonde locks.


Kiersey Clemons shows us that super short haircut for curly haired women doesn’t stop you from looking glam! The round curls and her make up done right is like having pixie dust sprinkled on and its voila! Magic.


Halsey with her boyish haircut. It is the queen of haircuts that can make you look like the sexy tomboy. The bands towards the eye-line makes all the difference from a regular pixie cut.


Cara Delevingne with her platinum icy hair and short locks swept to the side. This woman looks nothing short of a strong diva with this cut and the small curl at the end of her side bangs.


We of course cannot forget Scarlett Johansson. Who can hold back from mentioning her look with the pixie cut shorn on the sides and the thick front bangs. So far, she is our fav!


Next time you go for a haircut that is just a little bit more daring and a little above the chin, how about trying on of the celebrity inspired short haircuts?

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