Beehive Hair For Women



Throwing back to the vintage looks that can be forever considered drool worthy, among many of the biggest trends from the 60’s that has been remarkably marked as one of the biggest eras of fashion, the best trend to choose out from it could possibly be the hairstyles of the time and whenever one links hairstyles to the 60’s, the first word that comes to everyone’s mind is the “beehive hairstyle.”




Having its roots in 1960 and being invented by the famous stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt, the beehive hairstyle has undoubtedly revolutionized the history of hairstyling and marked itself as one of the most unique hairstyle to ever exist.




In fact, most of the hairstyles in the contemporary times have its base down with the beehive hairstyle. Even though the beehive hairstyle had to go with its ups and downs over the course of time, thanks to some of the biggest pop queens and actresses who have helped in keeping the legacy of this Royal and charismatic hairstyle. And if you are wishing to rock this hairstyle for a perfect vintage party look, here’s a little guide for you as to how you can draw inspirations from certain celebrities and add your own details to score the ultimate beehive queen in your game.




Take a bow from the 60’s queens. Singers like The Ronettes, Dusty Springfield and leading actresses from the time like Barbra Streisand and Audrey Hepburn are highly to be credited for popularizing this look and giving the females major hair goals till date. Where else could you draw inspirations from than the ones who started this legacy themselves?




For quite a change, try using the beehive hairstyle with a long braid hanging at the bottom, just like the way Miss Kate Pierson from The B52s did back in the 1980. If you are granted with lusciously thick hair, then pulling off this look wouldn’t be much of a deal for you. On the brighter side, you will even have a better chance at winning the more vintage and unique style amongst the crowd.




Try it out with different shades of colors. Taking notes from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Kelly Obsorune, trying this out with a different shade of hair color like dirty blonde or dark brown with streak of blonde in it, or maybe a whole different color of hair like purple, or even a mixture of different shades at once will give your look a sleek and bold touch along with a hint of funk in it.




Add on it with the bold make up look to make it even more charismatic. The famous winged eyeliner that women still drool over, with a shade of nude lipstick, or maybe smokey eyes with a large volume of mascara and a light shade of lipstick, or a shade of Russian red lips with minimal eye make would make people around you go ga ga over your beauty and you will be able to sweep a pretty good number of male off their feet. There you go, girl.

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