Beards For Indian Men



Men with their limited hairstyles and make- over compared to women, their beards and styling protrudes their look distinct with the same hairstyle. These beards ranging from simple to complex seems to be best on men complementing their looks in major. Beards also helps men to hide away their non- matching face cuts which are the initial result on account of  gym workouts.


Our ancestors having beard in the days to protect their skin, for warmth and for intimidation which later changed based on the fashion. However things come and go the basic style of bandholz still alive and prosperous.


Indian men with beard always be very keen on their formal and semi- formal look. Beards can change their over- all look with a simple touch. Formal beards are the ones which mostly covers only the chin whereas the semi- formal beards has its manly touch across the chin. These can be neatly textured or can go for a kick- off faded style.


Men with beards are said to have and attract more positive energy with the fact that the body hair said to have positive vibes to oneself. Not everything which are followed with faith in ancient days are being followed now other than some important and cultures with rich meaningful traits and beliefs. One such wonderful belief is regarding the beards.


Formal beards having its extension till the neck will be dashing for the one’s with an oblong facial visage accompanied by a slight moustache. The most fantabulous and marvelous hairstyle for this kind of beard is an up- swept silky sleek without partitions.


Patchy beard are the best for Indian men being it as French or goatee beard, Dutch beard, full beard covering the chin area, etc. These beards are can be minimal with its fantastic regular trimmings or it can be bushy depending on once preferences. These beards vary from person to person depending on their preferential categorizations and mode of styling suiting their outfit.


Bandholz are prestigious kind of beard suiting the Indian men the most and which is the top craziest beard type. Eric Bandholz is a man who brought the ancient bandholz beard in the modern era with a dashing and manly style that suits the recent trend as facial hair is his passion. Bandholz style beard is a full beard that covers the cheeks and chin along with the mustache.


Uniform beards are very popular among Indian men. Uniform beard is one such beard which will be grown in full with a uniform blend along the moustache and the beard can be shaped according to one’s preference and loved shapes. It can be shaped being long and edgy or blunt and obtuse.


Beards has its history since the stone- age when there is no knife, scissors or razors for the trimming and for a stylish makeover. Nearly all the men of the old centuries has beard. It was maintained with religious faith and other factors which influenced most of the men to have big beards is the ethnicity, prestige and environmental factors.

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