Bantu Knots Hairstyles For Black Women



Bantu knots are originated from Bantus and Zulu people who are a described to be 300 to 600 ethnic groups of Southern Africa. Bantu knots were creative which perfectly suits the texture of African hair which is roughly curly and remains consistent across various African groups….


The texture of their hair doesn’t allow most of them to make a smart pony or a delicate and loosened single braid or to have their hair opened!! Hence they start to braid their hair using different techniques and knot their separate stranded braids to have a gorgeous and everlasting look as braids and bantu knots serves the same purpose on the utility base to protect their strands from environmental issues and probably it is a onetime make- over which allows them to concentrate on their daily schedules flawlessly.


In olden days it was popular among the tribes of Africa which left behind a remarkable and sensational mark of its style in the hairstyling industry!! A simple and neat twist and twirls with its own unique, distinct and preferable partition of strands gives a flattering look for girls….


Bantus need not be tiny and plenty in numbers on the scalp! It can also be blunt and big wherein the scalp holds totally six to seven bantus in total. For pixie haircuts the bantus will not have its twist and twirls where the partitions of strands will be tied up to bring small tiny ponytails here in there on the scalp which protrudes the one who is bored of their short pixie to have different make- over..


Women those who has longer hair can go for a queen like bantu knots the size of which will be taller projecting like a small tower here and there on the scalp accompanied by a hair accessory!!


Bantu knots can also be partly or fully colored which makes it more creative and stunning!! Blue and red goes marvelous, peppy and outstanding for partial coloring..!! whereas bobby brown, grey, purplish red, golden, blond goes dynamic for full color!!


The twist and twirls can also be left dropped from the scalp which appears to be bushy and volume full for ladies having bushiness in one’s hair naturally!!


Curly crown is another cool type of bantu knots where the long strands are twisted and pulled from the forehead and back towards the middle which will be tied up to form a crown in the centre!!


When braids are made into bantu knots and when some twists are made in between these knots replacing the partition gives an effect of ornamental bantu pattern throughout the scalp! This style protrudes to be luxuriant!!


In recent times most of the beauty blogs and hair stylists hold the secrets and techniques of making wild, stunning, barbaric, elegant and fashionable bantu knots with amazing videos and the various products to support the knots more daring enough!!


Bantu knots are popular among the celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Blac Chyna, Mel B.a.k.a Sacry Spice that adds additional weightage to their talent!!!!

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