Bandholz Beard Styles For Men



Bandholz is a kind of beard which is trendy for men even now!! Whatever kind of beard it may be…. Men who possess well- trimmed beard are well respected in the society!! It has its own history since ancient days!! Beards were long in olden ages, changing evolution always changes everything trendy!! How come beard can be an exception?? It also occupied its space in the styling industry!! One such style is Bandholz!!


Our ancestors having beard in the days to protect their skin, for warmth and for intimidation which later changed based on the fashion!! However things come and go the basic style of bandholz still alive and prosperous!!


Eric Bandholz is a man who brought the ancient bandholz beard in the modern era with a dashing and manly style that suits the recent trend as facial hair is his passion. Bandholz style beard is a full beard that covers the cheeks and chin along with the mustache.


Bandholz will suit for men who has long and slim face or men who has a practice of regular workouts…. They are the ones who has a long and slim face as the muscles gets tightened up due to regular workouts!! The length of bandholz vary from men to men depending on their beard growth!!!!


Bandholz works well with different faces…. Oblong, diamond, oval, triangular, so on and so forth!! Men to have good bandholz beard should first of all forget their razors and scissors…. Beard should be allowed to grow well at least for four plus months and then it can be trimmed as a man desired to do!! Some will achieve the growth of Bandholz easily less than the said months whereas few need to count their time days with sand clock………


Research says that men with facial hair are considered to be hotter than the men without facial hair!! Men with bandholz and rolled up sleeves with a plain black shirt are considered very hotter among the girls in the modern era!!!!


As Men do not have options for different makeovers comparing to women, these kinds of simple bears with different styles that suits their dressing and hair cut will make them appear to be richer and stunning in different aspects and very popular male models follow having these beards on their visage…. The ever changing style of beards also sometimes protrudes them to carry different features many a time!!


Well maintained Bandholz can also be colored with different coloring techniques, methods and colors such as stun red, purple, bobby brown which perfectly suits one’s skin tone and which complements one’s hair style and color too!!!!


Growing moustache is a sign of braveness for Men!! Growing beard is a sign of manliness since the dawn of time!! Most of the men around the world have their beard in different styles. Besides different styles of beard every man should try bandholz at least once in his lifetime, post which he might arrive at a decision of having bandholz for certain occasions without which he might not feel his get ready complete!!!!

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