Bandana Hairstyles



How about a bandana to get tied up with an amazing simple knot for making one’s hairstyle unique!! It extrudes oneself rich and dashing and it complements all the casual wear!!


Bandana is a square or triangular piece of cloth which is tied on one’s head or around one’s neck for fashion or to make your hair style decorative or throwing or it can also be worn for some utility purpose which replaces a cap or head cover up to escape the summer.


Many ways in which bandana can be tied up. A fluky and more stunning way of wearing a bandana will be accompanied by a ponytail in the centre part of the scalp and bandana of attractive and dark peppy colors can be used to make a simple knot either in the side or in the centre of the head with a playful vibe of long thick strands touching one’s chin.


Pin curl up is one of the old fashioned bandana style which will be exuberant for the girls having natural soft curls which can be rolled in different strands from forehead till middle of the head and a semi-transparent bandana will give a more rich make over with a bow!!


A delightful easy roll up is one of the elegant bandana styles which requires a head band with a bandana wrapped to it with a pretty bow come knot at the centre part!! This suits for perfectly straight thick hair with blond which can be wrapped and rolled along the sides of the head band…. This hairdo will catch the spectators in one site as the Bandana’s knot alone will be visible in the front!!!!


A more peppy style could be a bandana tied on the African braid!! It will look be extraordinary and flawless as braids can be left for days and tying different colored bandana with different bows and knots gives a different make over each day with same braids maintained!


Barrel roll which gives retro type make over to girls with a big bowed bandana is another delightful style!! This suits well for the ones who have short hair so that barrel rolls can be made flawless with a simple market product that helps the rolls to stay curled up above the shoulders for a longer time!!


Same barrel roll can be made singly in the centre on which the bandana can be tied!! It gives a spiral crown like effect in the centre just above the forehead, again this goes dashing with either purple or stunning red hair color!!


A simple and elegant high ponytail with a side partition that covers one fourth of one’s forehead is one of the classic styles in which bandana will be tied in the middle of the head just before the ponytail!! Brown hair color goes well with this kind of hair style!!


Bandana hairstyles can be made from retro styles to trendy models, in ancient days orthodox Jewish, Muslim, Amish and Christian women had their culture and heritage which arose with religious faith followed to use bandanas for their hair makeover!! It’s pretty wonderful to know that recent trends are always the old version of what are ancestors followed!!!!

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