Balbo Beard For Men



The Balbo beard is a type of beard that is devoid of any sideburns. This type of beard is well trimmed and is paired with a moustache that is floating in nature. This beard is similar in style to the short box beard.




This beard style for men has been immortalized by the Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr. The actor has made this look his own over the years and he has been maintaining this look for some time now.  The Balbo beard however has its roots in World War II Italy where it was made popular by one of Mussolini’s air marshals who went by the name of Italo Balbo.




This beard style might have become very much the mainstream option today for men but it isn’t for everyone. This beard suits only those with a narrow chin. Moreover, growing this beard and maintaining it isn’t an easy task. Someone who is keen on maintaining this look must have a precision shaver and a sharp razor handy. The beard must be trimmed carefully every few days.




A person who wants to grow this beard must first go about developing a moustache. The beard must be allowed to grow for at least four weeks and then there is the tricky part below the lip where the soul patch must be groomed. But this style is worth all the hard work. Once the beard on the chin has been trimmed such that it meets the soul patch below and the moustache is in place, this is one trendy and cool look.




The Balbo beard is often termed as a compromise that is made by men who have tried to grow a Van Dyke beard but have given up half way through. There is however, a neat similarity between the two in terms of a visual perspective. In terms of popularity, the beard ranks quite high and in the UK, where 52 percent of the men sport a beard or a moustache, it is the second most popular trend. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only one who has sported the Balbo. The former Batman star, Christian Bale has donned the look too and has done a quite a good job too.




Bollywood too hasn’t shied away from the Balbo and Sidharth Malhotra of ‘Brothers’ Fame was captured recently sporting this very look. The nawab of Pataudi, Mr Saif Ali Khan has been sporting a beard that though isn’t a Balbo but is a somewhat compromised version of the same.




So, in the year 2017 where facial hair is   very much in style and the beard is perhaps the ultimate symbol of the alpha male, the Balbo beard is very much in. Having been made popular by the movie stars far and wide, this style ranks quite high on the coolness quotient.  So, for all men, gifted with a sharp chin line and have no shortage of testosterone, this is one style they can easily go for.  Little would Mr Italo Balbo have known back in the 1920’s that the trend he started would become such a rage in the modern era.

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