Balayage Highlights



Balayage Highlights




Hair colours and highlights are definitely a game changer when it comes to hairstyling. But the outcome always gives the feeling of artificiality. One can definitely figure out that there has been hair colour job done on someone. Are you also the victim and have faced the same trouble after getting hair colour or highlights done? No worries! The solution is at your feet now. i.e. Balayage highlights.




As the name itself suggests, it has an International hair colouring technique and touch to it. The technique has its origin from France and has evolved with the sole purpose of giving hair a soft and very natural look that it becomes a tricky game to make out whether there has been colouring job done or not. This eye catching hair technique has its own advantage since the use of foils and brushes is strictly a no-no in it. Its more of a free styling art where the intensity of hue can be given with soft strokes or bold bright ones.




The unique thing about balayage is that there is not just one single colour or two tones picked for highlights. In order to give it more natural look, the stylists go  with various shades of chosen main colour while keeping the shade of base colour of hair at different ends. Such technique enhance the chances of more natural look than just a two tones hair colouring. Here are few styles which you can wear on according to your haircut, preference and persona.




1. For Layered hair: Caramel browns or black with the lightest shade than the base colour in the ends is the best recipe for the dramatic brunt balayage job to medium length layered hair. The choppy and funky hairs cuts too will get an oomph with this hair colour combination.




If brunette is not your thing and you are more into dark browns then blonde tones will be the best for you. Reds and browns are the new trendsetters specially when it comes to balayage. Chocolate browns and Burgundy can be well teamed up with caramel shades at the ends.




Expanding the reigns of brown world, one can also done the shaggy look by mixing adorable shades of browns in balayage. More the browns, more natural will be the look and thus will hide the extra-miles efforts you went for to look gorgeous.






2. For Medium Length hair: Generally balayage is shown in long strands over internet search but people with short or medium hair lengths should never feel dejected because there is a good news for them too. A mixed of light browns around the face cut side locks and dark blonde in the end with a mix of light blondes in between and black would do the magic.




A play with caramel tones can give your medium length hair a delicious look. Caramel balayage will compliment wheatish and warm complexions very well.




Face framing tricks while doing balayage can be a boon or salvation to you hair beauty. A little subtle highlights teamed up with bit bolder face strands is just what is needed to turn one into a smart chic.




3. For Long Hair: Long and the blond have always been and will always go hand in hand. ‘Blonde’ is the new diva will not be an overstatement these days. For long hair, myriads of blond browns are available to pick from.




Long hair and lighter ends, if this is what you gun for then balayage ombre is the right technique to go for. So what you waiting for? Get the beach please in your hair with it.

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