Back To School Hairstyles



School was a time when there wasn’t a care in the world. It was all about picking up the books and going to attend classes and coming back home to play and do one’s homework. It was by far one of the simplest times in our lives and even though most people would hate to admit it, they would love to relive those days that were filled with fun and frolic. And nothing reflected that fact more than a girl’s hairstyle in school and if one is in a mood for going back to those styles, then there are quite a few options to choose from.




A girl can go for the French knot half-do hairstyle. This style works well in highlighting a girl’s feminine side. The half-up style keeps the hair out of a girl’s face while the stylish braid at the back adds some panache. Now, if time is of the essence, then one can go for the snake braid style. This makes a girl look positively vibrant and even though the look is best suited for straight long hair, it also looks good on short or curly hair.




One can also go for the oh-so cool fishtail braid. This look screams sophistication and makes a girl look gorgeous. But if one is blessed with curly and voluminous hair, then one can simply let it down naturally to get that effortlessly beautiful yet casual look. Now if one is in the mood for tying up the hair, then one can go for a messy up-do and add a headscarf for good measure.




Again, if one is in a hurry, then one can tie up the hair in a bun with the help of a rope twist or one can just do a crown braid. This look is perfect for damp hair. A girl can also just pin back the strands of hair in a messy fashion, with the help of some bobby pins. This look not only adds a quirky touch of sophistication but is also very easy to achieve.




One can also opt for a loop braid. This style is achieved by simply tying the hair in knots and is a lot simpler than it looks. This style is very classy and makes the wearer look very sophisticated indeed. One can also go for beachy waves and this is the perfect look for the season of summer. The hair just falls naturally in a messy but cute way.




But if sleekness is a girl’s thing, then a sleek high pony is the perfect look. Or one can go for the tousled pony look that is also set quite high. But if letting the hair down seems more appealing, then a girl can go for retro waves like Selena Gomez. This is a super pretty look.




So, going back to school can be quite fashionable too. There are myriad of looks to choose from and each one of them is as good as the next. These styles not only make the girls look good but also amplify their persona.

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