Avril Lavigne Hairstyles



Throwing it back to the former school days for the 90’s kids, do you remember the classic “EMO” look everyone were all inevitably obsessed with? Well, looking through our old phases of vintage emo looks with all the loose t-shirts and sweatpants, what is the most prominent swing of nostalgia that comes to your mind –”HAIRSTYLES”. And who else could everyone look up to for getting the best Saturday inspirations than the queen of emo herself? Yes, that’s right. It is all about Avril Lavigne here.




The Pop/Rock and Indie Rock queen of the time surely did give everyone the vibes of teenage spirit and clear cut Barbie hair throughout the middle school. So, here’s a little sneak peak on the different hairstyles Avril Lavigne had experimented and undoubtedly made everyone go ga ga over her.




First among the top most remembered qualities of Avril’s hair has definitely got to be her experiments over colors. From pink to green to blue to a mixture of all of them, is there any color Avril couldn’t pull off? What’s better for an inspiration than Avril to get yourself convinced to dye your hair the exact color you want to? Pretty sure you’ll be drooling over yourself once you come out of your fear shell and let your beautiful hair bloom with the swirls of the basic colors you have always wanted to put on yourself.




How could we forget about the famous rainbow dyed hair? Surely all of you were dying to get that look once you saw it, but unfortunately, only some of you were fortunate enough to get our parents convinced to let us try it. Or maybe, you were brave enough to do it on your own? Well, whatever is the case, one thing’s for sure, none in the history of any celebrities could pull off that rainbow dyed hair better than Avril. Think of how amazing did she look? And that confidence she wore on her face reflected the exact amount of awesomeness in her hair and in her personality. Could anyone be more drool worthy here?




One of the many best moments of Avril Lavigne’s hair is undoubtedly the ‘Skrillex cut’ she did, shaving a side of her head and putting all the other amount of hair to the other side. It was a time of total wonder when Avril came out with that look and made us believe that she can literally do anything with her hair and she will still pull it off like a pro. Major inspiration right there for you.




One of the best trend Avril passed on to us in terms of hairstyles is the layered cut, which everyone was all afraid to do at first, but all hail to the queen who showed the crowd here that layered cut can go with anything, literally anything. The loose curls at the end of her oh-so-straight hair and the beautiful dirty blonde look she carried has inspired so many of us that it can be seen in almost half of the girls’ nowadays. Big thanks to this beauty here.




Ever thought about getting the bob cut? Well, here’s your chance to have a look at Avril Lavigne’s famous bob cut phrase which made us believe that this woman is made for inventing hairstyles. So now, could you blame anyone for staring at her pictures for so long? Perfection at its peak, ladies and gentlemen.




So, to all the girls out there, if you want to have some Saturday, Sunday or any day inspiration for you to change your look with any hairstyle you wish to choose, just have a look at Avril Lavigne here and let yourself understand that it’s okay to choose anything you want and it’s okay to look different, to stand out. Whatever hair experiment you try on, if you do it with confidence, you will just shine as bright as the real star you are!

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