Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles



The “Roman Holiday” actress has always been everyone’s favorite and it isn’t just her performances, but also her style that made everyone fall in love with her. The actress had tremendous style statement that kept the “then audience” mesmerized and even now people can’t get over how beautifully she carried herself.


Audrey was popular for her unique hairstyles. They were always so in fashion and neat and beautiful, that even after so many years of her demise, women around the world still follow the trend and her hairstyle with utmost love and affection. Here are a few iconic hairstyles by Audrey that are close to the women around the world hearts.


The signature Hepburn hair color was one of the favorites among all sorts of hairstyles. The golden highlights on Audrey’s hair were one of a kind and she nailed the look. When it comes to her look in “Roman Holiday”, Audrey cropped fringe look and is still on fashion. Well, who could get over that iconic ‘50s look!


Another iconic hairstyle by Audrey was when she portrayed “Sabrina” in the year 1954. The hairstyle is still doing its rounds time to time. This one is known to be Audrey’s most favorite one.


The hairdo with loosely curled fringe in the 1956 movie “War and Peace” made it to the tops most hairstyles during the time when it was all about curls and waves. As usual, Audrey Hepburn rocked the look and it is still admired around the globe.


The elegant and mature look Audrey portrayed in “Love in the Afternoon” was another masterpiece by the actress. The look was a timeless chic look with waved, pinned styled hair.


Audrey looked timelessly beauty in her movie “Funny Face” in the year 1957, where she sported a slick back bun with utmost style and fashion sense. Try this hairdo and make your style statement.


In “The Unforgiven”, Audrey Hepburn portrayed a rather bohemian look with long black hair tied loosely. However, just like any other hairdos, Hepburn looked amazingly beautiful in this one too.


Remember Audrey Hepburn’s look at “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Well, who can forget that iconic look! Her stunning beehive with beautiful and sparkling light highlights made it to the fashion headlines. This look of a star’s cannot be missed and nothing can outshine this hairstyle by Audrey.


With the beehive look in existence, Audrey kept sporting the hairdo for a few times with modern twist and changes. In “Charade” (1963) Audrey portrays the same look only to add an array of beautiful pillbox hats.


In “My fair Lady” Audrey rocked the up-do style. If you think that it’s a hairstyle you can do alone, then you are wrong. It is only for the professionals dear!


In “Two for the Road”, Hepburn beautifully embraced her inner mod along with crops inspired by Vidal Sassoon. The look is one of the most beautiful looks by Audrey during the 60s.


Audrey Hepburn was truly a star and a great fashion icon. Her amazing hairstyle inspired so many over the years and it continues to do the same.

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