Arabian Hairstyles For Women



The Arabian hairstyles are perhaps one of the most awe inspiring hairstyles in the world for women. These hairdos come with a lot of history and tradition attached with them. Moreover, these hairstyles have a very regal air about them and they make girls who sport them look not only gorgeous but also quite sophisticated. And, on top of that there are a good many variations of this style that they can choose from.




A girl who is blessed with luscious, silky and bouncy hair can go for  a middle parted free flowing hairdo with the mane of hair on the back done up playfully in a messy wave of curls. And, just to build on the “come hither”factor a bit more, she can also let loose a couple of tendrils at the front on either side. Very sexy yet very elegant.




However, letting the long locks of hair flow freely is also very Arabian. Girls  can style the hair in such a way that the long hairdo falls and thus effectively covers one eye. This hairdo is not only very sensuous but is sure to amplify the oomph factor of any girl’s appearance. Staying true to the Arabian style a girl, who has bouncy and well textured long hair,  can also let the hair fall down freely on both sides and over her shoulders after being separated so by a classy middle parting.




But, then if letting the hair flow freely is too cumbersome, girls can also go for a  voluminous high bun. This look comprises of a large bun and gives a girl’s hair a great deal of volume. And, like a majority of Arabian hairstyles this hairdo is just as classy. Now, one can do up the buns in a variety of ways. One can just go for a simple high bun or they can also go for an intricately done voluminous bun or even a slightly messy top bun and a charismatic side fringe on the front.




Another classy Arabian hairstyle is the big top bun comprising of curly hair that is shaped into roses. This hairstyle which looks not only very regal but also lends some serious  volume to a girl’s hair. Even though, a large part of the Arabian hairstyles centers around long and thick hair with great volume, there are short Arabian hairstyles too. One such short Arabic hairdo can be had by doing a fringe on one side and then sweeping the hair gracefully yet with some messy undertones to the other side. Girls blessed with sharp facial features can just tee off in this look. Arabian girls also love their sexy shoulder length do’s. One such hairdo is the one with the smart sharply done fringe on one side while leaving the rest of the hair to fall about or cascade down till the shoulders in a elegant mess of waves.




These, in a nutshell these are some of the best and most beautiful Arabian hairstyles worth going for. However these hairstyles are mostly for those who have thick bouncy hair and if they fulfill these criteria, then armed with any of these hairdos they can have an absolute blast.

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