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Angelina Jolie Hairstyles




The word Angelina Jolie stirs many things up in mind for which she has been known for. After her relationship with Brad Pitt the Malefiecent star is known for and is also adored for her chic hairstyling. Be it a simple event or a lavish red-carpet, the off-reel mother of six children still gives complex to many and has stood tall as a style icon for us. What is it which makes her stand out in her hairstyles? Here are some secrets of the famous star’s nail biting avatars of trendy hair styles.




  1. Curl is the new straight: Angelina’s chic hairstyles are like a wave of fresh air amidst the time of all time, monotonous straight strands. She has mixed and matched the platter of curls along with various modifications like different partings, swipes, colours, slight, soft and strict styling, with slight puff, wave curls, Partings have played a major role in her hairstyles which has given it a unique look overtime. Sometimes side parting, other times centre does the magic. Sweeping hair on side or completely at back gives a sleek look to her square shaped facecut. A taint of red gives oomph to her styling and enhances the royal look of the star. Talking of curling, the once known as Bradangelina adds many feathers to her curl styling by doing slight curls which somewhat give a long profile to her face and at other times, she chooses to go with soft curls which work lusciously in grabbing the eyeballs. A slight puff also adds some more volume to styling when she is in mood to play it cool. Tangled curls gives her a wild chic look which can work for square shaped face profiles perfectly.



2. The Hide and Seek Play with Bangs: Bangs sometimes are in and mostly are known to give a geek look but Jolie has set new milestones in bangs to by experimenting with mix and match of bangs with various styles. Giving her bangs a soft look with slight curl and sweeping them aside gives her a gorgeous look. Adding tinge of brown or red with it has always done wonders to the actress’s look. She has mashed up her side swept bangs, sometimes with curls and sometimes kept it simple straight. Straight cut-out bangs emboss her mysterious killer look at times and can enhance the beauty of such face-cuts. She has also played a hide and seek with curls by clipping them back which puts light to her eyes and no wonder how many eyes go in awe for it. Angelina has worn a very hot look by keeping her curls half up and down at times too.




3. Charismatic Hair-dos: ponytails, chignons, updo, twists and buns are some other cool and chic add ons which Angelina has taken the baton of in order to rejuvenate her looks. Be it messy, neat or loose, updo has always worked for her in giving her an elegant look. Updo’s are best for the evening gown looks which leave a little mystery open and hidden in such hairstyles. The much known star has given ponytails another definition by mixing it with styling her hair in curly locks and straightened styles. To don a classy and vintage look, the actress has given it a whirl to many chignons of various lengths. Buns have always been in style and Jolie has followed the suit by wearing a loose bun at times to mix a cool and classic look in one shot. A French twists with swept bangs have added a charismatic aura to her all time hit hairstyles.




So which style you would go for?

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