Androgynous Hairstyles For Men And Women

Both men and women love to look good. I think we’ve long abolished the myth that beauty is only for women. Be it the clothes, be it the hairstyles. Who doesn’t want to look good?

Men and women have always had a distinctly different sense of style. But then, sometimes their styles do match and not just when it comes to the clothes. There are some hairstyles out there that can be sported by both men and women. And they look just as good on both!

One such hairstyle is the shag. A look that is reminiscent of the era of rock and roll, this look was quite a craze. But after a somewhat lean period this ultra-cool look has made quite the comeback. This look is not just for the male rock stars but also the women, who love to imbibe some of the punk spirit through their hairstyle.

The bowl cut also looks very cool on both men and women. This look which is akin to a pixie cut is very stylish and looks great on smooth stylish hair for both genders. This haircut highlights the eyes and is best for those who are looking for a youthful look and are also on the lookout for a haircut that will hide their big foreheads.

Another look that fits the bill for both men and women is the ever-versatile top knot. This look has been around for ages and it has every reason to do so as well. After all, the look serves to keep the hair out of a person’s face at any time. No wonder the samurais loved this look so much. And, this hairdo looks especially great on girls with thick enough hair and is very easy to achieve

Then there is also the mullet. Again, this look is best suited for those with silken straight hair. This hairstyle is very heavy on the top bit and consists of sides that are well rounded. Modern day variations also incorporate a Y fringe. This look is very funky and for men, it allows them to go for their much-loved punk look. This hairstyle  looks very cute on the ladies. But, if one is seeking a bit more volume then a short fringy mushroom cut would work wonders. This cut has a casual messiness about it and looks cool on both the men and the ladies.

The world of fashion and haute couture is usually a good place to look for more androgynous hairstyles. 


So, these are some of the coolest hairstyles out there for both men and women. These styles are quite easy to achieve and each of them are unique in their own way. 

The fact that these styles look great on both men and women alike, is a testament to their versatility and it is this quality of theirs that will endear them for many years to come.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the androgynous hairstyles shown here. We’ve attached a few bonus hairstyles below. Hope you enjoy them

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