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Alyssa Milano is an American Actress, former singer, producer and an activist. Milano started her career when she was at the age of seven when her baby- sitter took her to an audition without her parents’ knowledge. She was selected one of four among the 1500 participants.


Hair and its style is one of most significant factor that adds to the overall beauty of all the women on earth. Every woman thinks thousand times and asks for thousand and one suggestions before going for a haircut to the hair stylists. There are few who even changes decisions after taking their seat visiting the stylist. It is very daring for a star celebrity to try an uncommon hair styles which they have never tried in their lifetime.


One of Milano’s gutsy and bold move was when she chopped off her hair shorter for her 43rd birthday which fell on 21st, Dec, 2015 posting a selfie of her on instagram. The look was breath taking as the brilliant and soft fringes that covered her forehead which softens her face on the whole highlighting other important features there on.


There is no doubt about the suitability of different hairstyles as she appeared in concave bob for many occasions which seemed to be casual on the whole and the same hairstyle was straightened fully for a neat and formal show off at times. She also appeared in long wavy casual which seemed to be more of a next door girl with a classy look showing a decent volume for her hair which was elegant.


That stunning overlook with her long straight formal hairstyle appeared to be blowing and rich for her ablong and oval face with her dazzling and glittering smile that occupied her face entirely. Most of the successful women says that whenever they needed a break from their monotonous life, a big change over is what they expect and that is mostly achieved by changing their hairstyle which changes them as a person on the whole and seems to be a feel good factor.


Milano also appeared with a dashing upstyle curls rolled and pinned up on her head which perfectly went well with her simple and elegant accessories for a particular evening and looked stunning for the spectators.


Her brilliant hair do which fells on her shoulders which projected her splendid lengthy wavy layers of her hair was radiant with some soft bangs covering the sides of her forehead and cheeks which protrudes her elegant on the whole.


Some kind of hairstyles need perfect trims and cuts regularly. One such hair style was her medium straight formal hair cut which perfectly sits on her shoulders with long sophisticated layers with the middle partition giving a two sided wave which are bouncy covering her ears.


She was flattering and dashing in all her hairstyles that she tried so far. The courageous act and fearless doings of many women made them to achieve greater things in life. One such thing is hairstyle for most of the woman who goes reckless and appears smart. One such bold character is Milano!!

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