Afro Ponytail Hairstyles For Black Women



Black women are super cool models and artists, who show off their beauty looks and styles in a great way. They are the pioneer of many new trending hairstyles like cornrows and dreadlocks. In the line, come the afro hairstyles that change the looks in a different way.


Actually, the abbreviation of afro is the ‘fro and also known as natural’ that is worn naturally outward by people. With lengthy or medium length, kinky hair texture this afro is such a fashion style chosen by individuals for their natural curly or straight hair.


To create this afro hairstyle to the natural straight or curly hair, use any help of creams, gels or other solidifying liquids to make the hair stay in place. The most preferred look of afro is the ponytail style by many black women.


Mostly, all afro ponytails stay in the top at the crown area, making it look full of curls all through the head. The afro textured ponytail is always a beauty to behold look, which will reduce the chances of breakage as well.


Tie the ponytail at the nape of the neck instead of at the crown, if needed. The low ponytail makes your fluffy afro hair to look big at the back extending to a certain length. To this low ponytail style, add any headband or hair accessory to get an enhanced style.


Another alternative option is that; tie the afro hair at the top, making all the hair falling towards the front. The afro curls reaching below the eyebrows, covering the forehead offers you an elongated face look.


You can also mix the afro ponytail style with a goddess braid look. Start of braiding at the front afro hair near your hairline and make a large puffy ponytail at the crown. The fluffy pony at the back with the braid style at the front, offers you as much as afro glam.


If you do not want to go with a single braid style, then section your front hair into many small ones. Style each small-sectioned hair into tiny braids in slanting way. Pull off all the remaining hair and make it into a high pony.


This ponytail hairstyle makes the front head with full of braided cornrows and completely full ponytail at the back.


For a different look, try pigtail ponytails at each side giving perfect centre-partition. Sweep all the hair completely forming a sleek neat texture and tie the hair into small high pony at each side. This pigtail afro ponytail makes you look cute.


To add braid style to the pigtail ponytail, section the back hair into two and start braiding from the nape of the neck. Continue braiding upwards until reaching the crown area and secure the remaining hair into a ponytail.


This is an entire different braided afro ponytail style, offering you a casual and gorgeous look.


Moreover, your hair color accents and textures of afro make your ponytail style look different from other person’s afro ponytail.

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