African Braids Hairstyles For Black Women




Braids are simple, gracious and homey allowing us to engage in our work soulfully without bothering and without making our fingers to run over our hair each and every time after experiencing a wonderful breeze or a long bike ride. It protects our hair from physical damage that occurs due to pollution and other environmental factors around which are unavoidable.


Braids generates and improves our imaginativeness with its different techniques on various do’s and don’ts which in fact allow us to be relaxed and concentrate on other works and always leaves our head unique standing out in the crowd.


The origin of braids has its history and prehistory of more than 30,000 years ago. In ancient days, people from North Africa, Caucasus, Asia Minor, Near East, East Mediterranean were noted in the art of braided hair. Braid was a sign of ethnicity, prosperity, prestige, utility and religious affiliation for them.


African Braids are known for its versatility and creative factor as the culture of braids are being vanished in some countries. The boldest and unique way of braiding is to make the size of the partitions different, minute braids takes longer time while larger braid consumes little time and it is considered trendy at recent ages.


One of the African braids cornrows can also be made into cornrows bun which gives the effect of cornrows in the scalp and it gets preceded by a larger bun behind depending on the density of the hair and number of cornrows or braids. Keeping in mind that “Old is Gold”, the old fashion of making a bold bun is becoming trendy now with its own aspects.


When the Bun is made in the centre of the head using all the tiny and minute braids is known as jumbo coil braid as it looks like a coil all around the head.


People also experiment the braids with colors that suits the braids like cornrows suits for blond after the braid is made, Purple and red goes well when the Braids are made thicker than the usual one. Cornrows with a ponytail suits best for people with long straight black hair.


Braids can also be preceded by a fish tail which is very popular and trendy now. One such braid is called boxer braids or centre- parted crown fish tail. It has two or more braids in the scalp and it will be followed by one fish tail going down. The streak that appears on scalp will be very unique comparatively.


Wavy straight back braids are those that appear wavy on the scalp and it will be taken back and allowed to be free, which means all the brads are not tied together to make a ponytail or a single braid. If the same braid is made with more curviness on the scalp, it is known as snake braid. This is again a cornrow style which appears to be classy.


Braids are freaky, glamorous, tom boyish, funny, creative and it was changing with time and people which suits the recent trends. On the set out, African braids are the beautiful braids and it is being nurtured and their culture is being conserved since years.

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