90S Hairstyles For Women



As of now, 90’s fashion and beauty styles are experiencing serious resurgence. Like the 80’s hairstyles, even the 90’s decade features unique hairstyles. The period has strong characterization for its individuality hair express styles.


If you are not old enough to sport a great hairstyle and little nostalgic about the old times, you can still take advantage of the beautiful 90’s hairstyles. Pixies, bobs, crimped hair and long voluminous look are some dominant styles in the 90’s era.


Mostly, flowers and visible roots were popular in 90’s decade hairstyles. The high bangs are one of the most iconic hairstyle, which is so popular among the teen girls in America and beyond. The long sleek straight hair that has coupled with bangs style upwards was the hit, on that period.


The messy scrunches style means letting the roots grow naturally and by making messy scrunch with fingers, it offers a modern look. Once, Carrie Bradshaw denounced the scrunch look. With ombre highlights, the scrunches look more stylish.


As like other decade styles, braids standouts amongst 90’s hairstyles. The accent braids will be the perfect addition to spice up any styles like ponytail, loose waves or bone-straight locks. You can witness the accent braid from ‘Rayanne Graff’s’ look.


The decade fun hairstyle is the crimped hair, where the strands of hair are crimped using iron rolls. No matter how many strands underwent crimping, but the overall image looks just fantastic.


Blown-out hairstyle, where ‘Big hair, do not care’ was the motto of that decade. Whatever styles you go for like pony or spikes, the thing was all about how big the hair stood out. The blown-out even offers a voluminous and stunning look.


Another interesting style was the color streaks, like pink highlighter or pastel pink and, even mixes of pink and blonde were popular. Gwen Stefani, the undisputed champion of pink hair during the 90’s era.


The tendrils and bun styles were equally popular, like the other styles. The tendrils will frame the face and certainly worth the precious locks. The models love for tendrils was still growing and becomes signature styles of that era.


The most funky style is the mini bun look, which although the look revival now. Many celebrities have daringly tried this mini bun style, but the double mini bun look of Gwen Stefani trend is still in effect.


Even short haircut was famous like pixies and bob hairstyles. The flipped bob hairstyle that was not the first time this styles was becoming popular, but artist Drew Barrymore helped to re-popularize the 60’s equal look again to trend.


Moreover, the 90’s hairstyles have accentuated with hair accessories like bandanas, which are more nostalgic for our childhood. It is simply an embroidery bandana with classic paisley pattern that mainly worn around the neck.


Using butterfly clips and tiaras for special occasions, used to be popular. Regarding hair shades, the blonde highlights with many styling experiments, take a wild style look and will definitely shine.

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