80S Hairstyles For Women



Even though, there are number of styling options for women hair, the 80’s era hairstyles still remains trendy. That period hairstyles are very funky and odd in some stylish way. You can even say that the 80’s era considered as the perfect example of how fashionable and hairstyles can get bigger.


The 80’s styles are famous and there are lot of things, but the sheer craziness of the hairstyles that tops the list are mostly influenced by pop stars like Madonna and Cindy Lay per. Mostly, the hairstyles are often bigger by either perming them or teasing them to get the big look.


The ponytail stands first on the 80’s defined look. The high ponytail or whale-spout ponytail, are some prominent pony styles that looks sleek and playful. Moreover, the pony is at the crown of the head. You can make complete hair into pony or some half up pony style with scattered fringes also.


Teenagers created even side ponytails. This is simple hairstyle by pulling hair onto one side into a ponytail. Bangs often cut and feathered back to accompany this side pony style.


The most seen hairstyles in the era, is the teasing look. By simple teasing the underneath of the front hair and making them into a puff or a half-up and, even leaving the teased hair simply to hang are some best choices. This teasing type can make your hair look voluminous and wonderful.


To the teased hair, perms add perfection to the style. They seem to be the best idea at that period and the rule for teasing must be either curlier or higher and, wider.


Inspired from the star Madonna is the Wrap up style. Even though, she gave so much hairstyle ideas, this wrap up is the most favorite amongst them. The hair was slightly punk teased, which then chignon is finished off with a thick piece of fabric tied into a loose bow.


Above all these hairstyles, the curly texture is one prominent style at 80’s period. The thick and tight curls, with bangs and loads of length prove the girlish cuteness could be still cool. You can witness ‘Whitney’ with this cute curls stylish look.


The Mohawk and Fauxhawk are some punk rocker hairstyles that give you an edgy look in the 80’s. The sides can be either shaved or undercut style, with some patterns. This style offers a creative look and the 80’s women were rocking with the geometric patterns.


Braids and twists, are some more styles in the list of 80’s hairstyles. The French braid style or sided braids with asymmetrical hair left to hang free on the other sides, looks sexier and rocky. You can even go for simple side braid tails, which is suitable for any occasions.


Moreover, the scrunches with Mullet style and crimped hair are ubiquitous 80’ styles that are still cool to recreate. These textured hairs sometimes look frizzy, yet it is a unique look, that flatters the face as well.


However, the 80’s style is always accentuated with hair accessories and heavy makeup touch like bright eye shades and dark red lipsticks.

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