4C Natural Curly Hair For Women




Natural curly hair is very rare for women however Afro Americans hair are always type 4 curls naturally. Type 4C natural curls take its excellent and striking appeal on these Afro Americans with audacious and smart hairdos. There is not a big difference in the hair type of 4B and 4C curls. Most of the women possessing 4C type of natural curly hair always prefers smart up dos as their strands always takes an excellent stand on the scalp.


These are perfect kinky curls with its exuberant and smart bushiness in spite of its distinct lengths and varying factors. The interesting fact about these hair strands are irrespective of it being short or long stands on the scalp. For these 4C type of natural curly hair al the hairstyles seems to be like hair up dos.


In recent years with versatile and diversified techniques which are being introduced by stylists takes its various forms bringing a creative attention to the individuals trying them. It gives a glamorous and a different makeover for one’s hair complementing their dress and accessories being one of the easiest way to carry one’s hair up do and also being fashionable.


Most of the long kinky curled girls love to leave hair opened with half hair up. These half hair up do can be associated with braids and pins either jeweled or with floral decoration. Short kinky curled girls make their hair make- over an extraordinary one with crochet hooks and with its dignified and technically fantabulous twists and twirls.


Most of these 4C natural curly hair women go for dreadlock up dos supported by bandhana. Dreadlocks are also known as locks or dreads which are free formed tangles, however its formation of evenly sized locks are by means of proper devising and maintenance.


Hair up dos with locks are awesome when its creativity going places. Creativity being the significant factor of hair up dos with locks, one of the challenging up dos with dreadlocks claimed its prominent popularity over years and it recent times too. It’s the mass and giant braided locks being swirled into a fantabulous and swashbuckling bun.


Up dos with locks has its unique style with its in born creative factor which makes the styles to live for centuries and more. These dread locks can also be pulled towards the front from all the sides for an up do giving an effect of an elegant fall.


This takes its marvelousness when tiny colorful pinup are done in the middle of the chained strands. This suits for girls having a short and clumsy hair style. This classic style will be taken to the next level when the strands are being colored with same or different colors. Doughnut up do takes its form of doughnuts arranged on the scalp in a vertical order giving an overwhelming notion.


The hair make- over ideas any kinky curled hair strands are variety in numbers and the creative skills headed for the awesomeness of one’s braids are gorgeous. African braids throw a fantabulous and extraordinary appeal on this kinky curled hair strands.

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