4B Natural Curly Hair For Women



Women with 4B type natural curly hair find very difficult to go for a quick get ready with their hair make- over. Braids and hair up dos are the only option for their hair. Possessing kinky hair with its exuberant volume women with this 4B type of kinky curls are most likely to go easily fed up with their hair make- over. The coiled curls of these 4B curly type of hair strands long lasting naturally.


Most of the hair strands with this 4B type of natural curls will be short. Hence girls with this type of hair always go for crochet twists with attached hooks. Most of the black women possess this type of natural 4B type of curls. Latch hook braids are known as crochet braids with twists and it is one of the African American culture of hair styling.


Crochet twists are conventional braids in which the one’s natural scalp hair is twisted and taken up to cornrows and then an artificial synthetic hair will be attached to it by means crochet hooks. African braids have its ethnicity with its varying designs and techniques of making them.


A middle partition of hair with the crochet twist either small or medium twists of the strands makes the lady with this 4B natural curly strands look phenomenal and stupendous. These crochets can be associated with tiny colorful clutches that hold the twists as well as giving a glam make- over. The same hair make-over can be side parted also.


Some formal and mesmerizing crochets are those which are medium sized and layered too. The layered crochets give a fountain like make- over when it is associated with middle partition. Crochet twist on a crochet twist gives a 3D effect for the crochet twisted strands and when some strands being associated with burgundy or stunning red makes the effect more splendid.


These kinky curls always take its appeal to stand on with an extraordinary and stunning make- over. These curls are always preferred for a striking up do of hair strands supported by a colorful bandhana in the front making ones 4B type curls peppy and groovy.


The hair make- over ideas any kinky curled hair strands are variety in numbers and the creative skills headed for the awesomeness of one’s braids are gorgeous. Braids on kinky curls are perfect and diligent generating and improving our imaginativeness with its different techniques on various do’s and don’ts which in fact allow us to be relaxed and concentrate on other works and always leaves our head unique standing out in the crowd. Try out different braids as they helps in figuring out the uniqueness of one’s scalp.


Women with this type of 4B kinky curls should give up their panic and worry with regards to their hairdo. They can make it very effortless and elegant with a wet look side swept hairdo accompanied with a large and delightful floral accessory or a cluster of real fresh flowers at one end of the scalp for a party with their gorgeously made robe.

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