Bob Haircuts For Thin Hair Women




The ease with which short hair can be maintained is always a breath of relief for every girl. In addition, it adds persona and charm to a woman adorning this hairstyle. Almost everyone, at one point in their life has probably kept this cut. It’s been there for so many years and it continues to make a comeback every year.


There is simply something about bob haircuts that makes it a choice for man. The problem with long hair becomes maintenance and noticeable damage like split ends, dryness, etc. to name a few. Another problem is in thinking “how do I style it?” each and every day for those of us who do not like the monotonous routine.


Bobs are trendy and work great to maintain healthy hair free of damage, dryness, split ends. Plus, no need to think about how to style it.  The fact that it dries much quicker than log hair makes us sigh in relief- its better to lay off on the hair dryer sometimes! It’s a hairstyle that is self-maintaining and goes well with everything and for most hair types and facial structure.


Bob for fine hair is perfect solution to hide all the thin strands that never adds up to any volume. Bobs give the appearance of more voluminous hair. Thin and fine hair is also great to work with on bobs, which itself comes in a variety of styles.


One can always go for the sleek and neat bob that rests up at the chin Part it in the middle or to the side and it’s all done. This works best for those with diamond shaped or elongated faces. For those women with a rounder face, an angled cut works wonders, part to one side and keep a bang that is longer on one side.


Using highlights or cooler tones is a sneaky way to make thin hair appear with more volume with a bob. A mixture of colors can add dept. however, the highlights should be two shades lighter than the natural hair color, not more.


Layers are also another way to add volume, also being easier to maintain. The bounce in layered bob is just pure love!


Bumping up the ends or tips is another trick to add texture and volume. The wispy curves don’t fail to bring an equally curvy smile on our face.


For those who have absolutely no time to style their hair, getting stacked short bobs are a good option. This way, they can pull it back and the hairsprays can lay low.


Now for those who are suckers for curls, a longer bob can be styled into pretty big curls. This works better if one has an angled bob. Getting highlights or coloring deep shades or fuchsia and brown are a good choice.


Most women opt for bobs because of its polished and refined look.  It suits women and girls of all ages and hair type. We have seen many celebs walk down the ramp and own it with this hairstyle, take Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez for example. We’ve seen the professional look it gives to any working woman and we have loved it. Popular and common as it is, bob hairstyles will always remain one of our fav!

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