Bob Haircuts For Round Face Women

Bobs for round faced women


Women with round face are often limited to certain hair styles that cover up their features. A short haircut often seems to make their faces appear broader. This tends to make them lay off on the short hair and opt more towards longer hair. However, there are certain bob cuts that can make all those cheeks and round curves appear slimmer. For those who have always wanted a short hair but don’t want to make the broadness evident, they should definitely keep reading!


A bob should not be shorter than chin length for those with round faces. This gives more slimming effect, especially when done in layers.


The classic blunt ended bob when kept at the right length can bring out the best in the facial features. Not only is it simple and classy but it goes with everything.


If a shorter cropped bob is what you want, having a long bang parted from one side with the other side kept decently short. This is similar to a pixie but more on the bob side of the cut with the length.


Thin hair can also make the face appear more broad. The issue can be solved by using rollers than can creates large curls in waves. This adds texture and make it appear like the hair has more volume. A modern twist can be introduced with the long side bangs.


Curls can also be introduced to longer bobs with fringes pated slightly to the side. The soft finger-combed waves can add texture and without the appearance of the outdated poodle curls. The blunt bans are a bonus to add to the stylish you.


Lobs are also very flattering for the round faced variety of women. With the middle parting and the long bangs in messy waves, it gives just the perfect setting for a slimming effect. Add a balayage and it gives more class.


Asymmetrical bobs also do wonders to make the sweet face even sweeter. The look is ideal for women with a charming broad smile and a bubbly personality. Sweet-cheeks they are!


Often it is difficult to maintain short hairstyles, specially bobs with naturally curly hair. But why let that shop you? Sweep the hair parted to the side and put the hair serum to good use. Get rid of the frizz and flash those natural curls. You are naturally blessed with voluminous hair and it is time to use it.


Layered cuts and soft waves also do wonders to slim off a round face. The soft waves give a pretty cascade specially with a side swept bang to give height.


Short, above the chin bobs do not always contradict the round face. If given the right amount of bang and length, it can be quite flattering. A trick is to have razor cut edges and not to keep the bangs too heavy. The bangs should be curling in, towards the chin. Thin fringes go along well. This looks good on any shade of hair, be it black, brown or blonde.


Adding root shadows, highlights and growing nape length bobs are some other ways to bring a trend in the bob cut that can make the features slimmer as well as keep the style rocking. If you’ve got a round face and badly want to chop of those locks, why not try one of these?

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