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Fall Hair Colors Highlights Not As Chunky But Just Some Piecey Chunky Blonde Highlights In Dark Brown Hair – MY HAIR STYLE

What’s trending? Blonde highlights! Whether you’ve got black hair, brown hair, or blonde itself, it’s the new trend to get these dazzling streaks of blonde, blended to your tresses to get the chic glam appeal. It’s all about the fifty-shades of blonde series here.

We see it on more than half the population on Instagram, we see it on the red carpet, we see it on those girls walking down the street and it seems to have gotten us into a craze.

From Beyoncé’s soft caramel highlights to Cameron Diaz’s softer tones, we’re loving it and we’re following it. More recently so, the balayage technique is gaining the likes.

For those with dark brown hair, a balayage in ashy and subtle warm tones like honey brown lighten it without making it look too contrasting. These shades are just a tad bit lighter but still gives the graduated hues.

Champagne blonde and icier tones are more on the noticeable side for those who want to take it to the next level. The contrast goes well with dark auburn colors as the base and warm undertones.

Whoever said highlights have to be stark noticeable? On the shyer side, a peek-a-boo highlight is such a tease. Applied to the underneath layers of the hair in contrasting color, it looks perfectly well on straight hair or wavy.

Short hair isn’t going to stop us either. All we fan of the bob haircut love to flaunt a balayage highlight as well. Be it a medium or a light brown base, this works wonders for those with thin hair. It adds up the illusion of more volume and texture.

While ombres are often seen more towards the tip, trying out an ombre higher up with rich caramel or honey shades are unique. If not, concentrating the highlight more around the face brightens up the look more rather than having the balayage all over.

Strawberry blondes continue to be a sweetheart amongst the blonde shades. An ombre in it is just about perfect for lighter skin tones

We’ve seen Taylor Swift sporting this dip dye on dark brown hair too. This literally looks like half of the hi has been dipped in another contrasting shade. It’s fun, its edgy and its bold.

Another style for the bob cut or is to have thicker highlights framing the face. This balayage grows out well if the bangs are longer and gives a chick and sexy look that we all want.

Pixies aren’t that limited either. Highlights in pixie cuts work so well to bring that texture and volume. Those undercut pixies will look just too good with these. Remember Miley Cyrus? Yes, it is definitely the rock star among the highlights.

Intr0ducing something called the somber, which we would apparently assume is the sister of ombre, this look is defined by a tiny touch of highlights at the end of the hair. It blends perfectly with longer bobs and allows more freedom of experimenting with colors without affecting the overall look on our skin tone.

Braid it out on long loose knots, bun it up to show those sun kissed waves, or simply give it some lovely curls and you’re all set to show off those glamorous streaks of blond. Everyone is trying it, and so should we.





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