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Elegant and dainty, these pretty hairstyles are a favorite among girls who don’t want to keep it open but don’t want to tie it down either. Pull it off in braids, buns, or bouffant, the half-up and half-down hairstyle is here to stay. It’s a hairstyle that can be worn every day or on occasions, keeping it pleasant and not too formal. Compiled here is a list of the different type of half-up and –down hairstyles that can turn those tresses into a flattering feature.


Those waves of hair: With long loose curls, and a pretty hairclip to accessorize, this gives a summer love look for those lovely afternoon outings. Taking strands of hair from the sides and bring them behind at the back, pinned into place with a hairclip, this is the easiest of them all.


Twister: Defined by thick strands of hair twisted from the front and brought back, this gives a casual look and goes well with that big wavy hair. Secure the twist with an elastic band or a hair tie, and let loose the rest of it.


Crown it: A crown braid goes almost so sophisticated it looks easy on the eye and vertically stunning. When done in a half up and half down style, it brings out a girly feel to it. What girl doesn’t love a lacy braid around her head?


Fishtail all the way down: For all those girls with long straight hair, this one can be pulled off easily and gives a neat look. For this, a parting in the middle and fishtail braids racing back from both sided can be secured at the back. Either left down or braided further into a thin tail with the rest of the hair falling loose, it’s a great way to keep those pesky from hair off from the face.


Bun it up: Some days, a bun seems like a good option. On the same days, it may seem too formal. A half bun is always fashionable. Gather top bulk of the hair into a knot secured with hair spray and a hair tie or pin.


Bouffant: That bold bouffant will always find a way to sneak. A Beyoncé look with a neat bouffant secured at the back and the rest of the hair kept long and straight- best way to show off silky straight mane.


Dual knot: A funky look suits some of us just fine. Going back to when we were little girls with pigtails, a pair of neat top knots on either side and bottom section of the hair left down, brings back the fun.


Spring curls: Who is to say the half up ad half down hairstyle is limited only for straight and wavy hair? Curls are flattering and very much so with this hairstyle. French braid, twist, waterfall- works just as fine with soft locks and curls to add natural volume.


Short hair: The best part about doing the half up and down hairstyles is that it isn’t limited to those with long or shoulder past hair. Short hair in a half up and down looks just as quirky and adorable. A fishtail or French braid to pull up those strands from falling in our face, it is just as pretty and easy to do.


With celebs like Beyoncé, Blake Lively, Zoey Deschanel, Emma Watson to name a few, showcasing these pretty half up do, the season for following the latest on these trend is on. Team it up with hair accessories for formal occasions like weddings and you’re good to go. It’s a good way to show off those highlights too. So when are you going to try?






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