Ben Affleck Hairstyles


We all know the hot and sexy Ben Affleck since his younger years. From starring since the 90s in movies like Dogma, Shakespeare in Love, to more popular ones like Gone Girl, Suicide Squad, Pearl Harbor, Argo, Affleck has won the hearts of many women out there…and some of us here too. With strongly defined jaws and a square face, not to mention those calm eyes and thin lips, Ben Affleck has his game point on, even at this age. His trademark short spike and trendy bears works the charm every time.


Known since his early years of high school, Ben has often kept his hair short, as seen in his old pictures. Clean shaven and with a pompadour, with hair in front flipped up to add height, he appeared to have worn it with charm in his debut.


Later on as he won the Oscar for co-writing the screenplay for Goodwill Hunting in 1998, Ben is seen with short spiky hair that will be seen on him in future years. A goatee and the short curled spikes did much to make him appear sexier the following year at the L.A premier of American Pie.


The jagged spikes and tousled messy hair was a change in 2002 for him as he appeared for premier of Changing lanes. Nonetheless, his suave and calm demeanor won our hearts!


Following years, he is seen in short hair with classy swept up front hair and his strong jaws to show off. The stubble and sexy spikes made a heart leap in 2006, just after the birth of his first child when he hit the GQ Men of the year dinner.


Ben Affleck never loses his gentlemanly charm and keeps on looking like an idol in the following years, even at the 2007 Golden Globes.


2011 saw Ben in a beard and his classy short hair. His sparking eyes, serious daddy of two little princess look was a hook! The family man look was just too good to pass up a mention.


The same year, for his role in the movie Argo, Ben was spotted in a 70s inspired shaggy long hair and long beard. We heard it wasn’t much appreciated by wifey and kids but must say, 70s hairstyle wouldn’t be appreciated much anywhere either.


2012 and Ben was back to his charming usual self, having chopped off those shaggy bits. Well that was a relief! We had our Ben back.


His appearance at BAFTA in L.A 2013 was in a spikey do with full beard, looking chilled for the tea party. 2014 and 2015, he kept up his regal appeal as he showed up at the 18th Annual Hollywood Film awards at The Palladium, and at the Project Green Season 4 respectively.


Last year in 2016, Ben looked dashing in a suit as he attended the premier of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of justice in New York. If its Ben Affleck playing Batman, we’ll always be cheering on for him.


Ben Affleck is one man who can still look hot even in his 40s and win the hearts of many with his polished and poised looks. We look forward to seeing more of him this year.

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