Beards For Asian Men


Beard for Asian Men


Beards. With so many trends in the grooming habits of men going on, it isn’t too hard to sport the variety of beards and moustache being sported. While some men prefer the clean shaven and prominent look, Beards are increasingly becoming a huge trend. This of course extends to all the Asian men of the continent. Despite the notion that Asian men usually do not keep beards, it seems like they are no less in pulling it off like the men in rest of the continents. With the dark hair and dark eyes, Asian men aren’t too far behind.


Clean cut: The professional


For those in the professional and corporate field, clean cut looks are a popular choice. A crisp dress shirt and pants, a clean shaven face and that smart professional charm- who wouldn’t be impressed. Some men like to grow out their beards and some don’t. This is for those who don’t, or can’t. A trimmed moustache on a clean face goes well for them. A sharp jawline to show off doesn’t hurt either.


Mr. Asian Van dyke


This features a thinner moustache and thin soul-patch. The short trimmed goatee keeps it well maintained. It’s a common look among Asian men, often seen with thin sideburns, letting it deviate from the traditional Van Dyke


3.We like it simple


Ah! Beauty in simplicity. This look sports a well-kept moustache and a soul-patch detached from a trimmed goatee. While the jawline is kept exposed, this is common among men, without keeping it on the bushier side. A healthy amount of stubble is just fine.


4. BOLD and Thick


A style to be admired, it gives off a dashing appearance with the sideburns blending into the beard. A trimmed moustache and the beard curving inwards with a neat trimmed soul patch. Dashing indeed.


4.Curl that moustache


That little curve at the tip! Moustache is a classic that has never failed to bring out the macho of a man. Keep it with a soul-patch and the sideburns blending into the beards well-trimmed, few inches down the chin. Just like a beard royalty.


5.Curtain roll: The Dutch beard


While fewer men are seen sporting this one, the Dutch beard, as the name suggest, features a long beard falling from the jawline in waves. Letting it grow free, the sideburns grow along the jawline. In typical Dutch fashion, no moustache is kept.


6. Faded Lines


This neat yet beautiful style goes so well with faded haircuts, it gives a smart impression. The sideburns are kept short, extending to the beard in thicker layers. A clean trimmed moustache makes for a good partner to team with this one!


7.The patchy bear and handlebar moustache


A shorter style, this one features a moustache curved at the tips like a handlebar and the beard rugged and short, kept close to the skin. Square faced men pull this off with smart ease.


8. Full on Beard


With the recent popularity in beards, a lot of Asian men have opted to grow out their beard long and full. It’s a rocker that requires routine maintenance and grooming. Nonetheless, it’s a charmer that work quite well.


Now, who can say Asian men aren’t able to rock the beard? They do so impeccably, exuding their masculinity and charm. Who can disagree?






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