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We all know Andrew Garfield from the superhero movie The Amazing Spiderman and The Social Network for his roles as Peter Parker and Eduardo Savarin. With dark brown hair and a swimmers body, charming brown eyes to boot, Andrew Garfield has most certainly captured our attention! So has his hairstyles over the past years.


Starting with Lion for Lambs, Andrew, casted as Todd Hayes is seen sporting a mussed up hair with that slight parting from his right. It gives him a boyish charm with that slightly unkempt look. The bed head look makes the already adorable Andrew appear all the more lovable.


In The Social Network brought Andrew in to limelight with his role as Eduardo Savarin. The clean cut look establishes his role well as the son from a business oriented background, giving him a professional and pompous rich boy.


His role as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider Man evidently gained him popularity with the nerdy, yet trendy high school get up. Don’t we just love smart and sexy high school boys who are secretly superheroes? Well some of us do for sure!


Andrew is often seen in a short hair. Always off his collar and showing his ears, it’s a look that we have come to identify him with.


He has often been found sporting an undercut hairstyle. We can’t deny that it works well for his short straight hair and formal attire.


He has also been seen in a pompadour hairstyle with the front hair and he sides swept back. The flipped back front gives an elevation that suits his facial structure in an aristocratic manner.


Another style he is seen with in to part it to from his right and flip it backwards in a familiar pompadour. A good amount of hairspray and this style is done


In addition to combing his hair from left to right, the spikes at the top gives him a younger and more fresh look.  The random spikes giving the additional texture to his brown locks and his adorable smile. Sold!


Textured hair brings him back down to the younger years, not that he is old, but makes him look more like the college student in the next dorm. A heartthrob among many girls.


Last but not least of his hairstyles is the messy one. Its appears simple and it makes him look like he just rolled out of bed with those random spikes and moussed up locks. Truth of the matter is; it’s a high maintenance look despite its appearance. Slap in a healthy amount of pomade and bring up the random spikes and tousled brown strands. That’s the Andrew Garfield look.


We all look forward to seeing more of him, much more so than his days as Spiderman because we just can’t get enough of this adorable British-American sweetheart.

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