49 Awesome Hair Bow Hairstyles For Women

The cute accessories of women with which we all are decked up with, right from the time we are sweet toddlers is no doubt, the bow. We wear the bow everywhere. We have bow ribbons and bow on our hairbands. Bow dresses and dolls. But have you heard of a bow hair style?

Well not before Lady Gaga made a style out of it in 2009.Since then it is the most duplicated and the most asked for style. It is still popular with little girls and their moms, with the blushing bride and her naughty flower girl.

There are many ways of wearing it.Use these interesting hair styles. They are so easy and fast that anyone can do it.Women with natural hair can wear it as well as women with extensions and relaxed hair. But most importantly,style your braids and locks only after you moisturize them.

 Stun the world with this easy to make bow hair style.If you are into wearing a ponytail everyday then make it more spicy. Angle your pony to a side and remove the boredom of wearing the same hairdo daily. With a brush, one hair band and few bobbypins you can work wonders on your hair.

 Sometimes you can opt to wear half-up/half-down hair style just as Lady Gaga did. You may want to use hairspray to keep the hair in style.

   Women addicted to the bow fashion but having curly hair can make the bow with their braids.Pair your bow dress with a bow hair style and make a stunner out of the ordinary.

Women with shoulder length hair can make an interesting appearance by styling a half-up into a bow hair style. You don’t even need the full half of your hair. Just take big section of it and tie a bow, leaving your other half hair loose.

  The steps to make these attractive hair styles is same, just learn your basics and stick to them.

 Chic office girls glam yourself up with a bun and a bow hair style. It will bring out the feminine vibes.Go for updo bow hair styles.Show your youthful trait. 

 Black women with heavy curls can make cornrows a little way down their scalp and then tie up the hair in this style. This hair style rocks. Wear it.

Add creativity to your bow hair style collection. Use many shocking colors to highlight your hair like neon and then use a half up bow style.

Wear a side bow with a bun.Its fun. Having long hair? Make a half up bow hair style andthen braid your hair loosely. It will never bore you if you use it differently.

Try this elegant style.Leave soft curls.Transform your loving daughter into a cutie for the school function that you both were eagerly waiting for.People are going to like it.

Wear knotted bow. It is a work of art.There can be thin bows with just few strands of hair from the sides or thick bows with large chunks of hair.Women with wavy hair utilize it full. Curl your hair down at the ends.Get compliments!    

Not much use of the hair accessories like a hair band or a scarf or colorful hair pins or clips. The bow itself will act as a fabulous accessory.

Go! Wear the magic!

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