40 Classic Grease Hairstyles For Men


You all hardcore fans of ‘The King’ want to pay him a tribute? Well, grease your hair and go back in the 50s.Wear the ‘Attitude’ with a capital ‘A’ along with the hair styles. 

Have tons of gel and wax and pomade in your cabinet before you dare to venture into the crazy ‘Rock and Roll’ era.The Greasers left the legacy of noise behind. The Hollywood movie ‘Greasers’ brought this subculture back to the forefront.

Wear a masculine and modern hair style like Fohawk. Throw a leather jacket across your shoulders, have few tattoos and there you are, a toxic mix of both centuries! Be a phenomenon. Follow the many grease hairstyles of the iconic Hollywood star of the movie’ Rebel Without a Cause’, James Dean.

Grease your hair into the original pompadour style. Try various cuts of the pompadour. Mix the fades with it and admire the amazing results. Go back to the ‘Good Boy’ image. Pamper your hair with lots of gel to give you the slicked look.

‘It is a great time to be alive’ so said the men of the generation of Marlon Brando and Gene Vincent. Show the world you still do. Putting gel on your hair and then comb it so as to let your hair sit in a high style on the top of your head. Form a duck tail at the back of your head by teasing your gelled hair. It was a prominent duck tail style of the 50s.

Twist the pompadour inwards, make two cowlick quiffs on your forehead, have shades on both the sides and become a symbol of adventure. Just as the popularity of Rock and Roll shook the youngsters of the poor neighbourhoods of the working class of America, down to their bones, shake up the neighbourhood fashion with a highlighted crest style or a diminishing pompadour.

Choose from the rockabilly hair styles. Cut the sides of your hair shorter than the middle of your head. Gel your hair. Pull the hair upwards. Use a comb to have this ‘hair raiser’ style. You can put lots of volume on the top and then style your hair or style the quiff in a round shape.

Bring the old school back to life by flouting a subtle quiff. You can wear this for the formal get togethers. If you have the widow’s peak then explore and wear the stylish masculine ideas of the greased hair.

Are you a motorcycle freak? The greased hair styles are made for you. Grow your hair a little long. Using lots of gel prepare the windblown hair style. Texture your mane into many layers. Leave few strands of gelled hair dancing on your wide and prominent forehead.

Bring the rebellious streak of the 50s hair back into your life. Don’t worry. You won’t be called an old gentleman. This style was back in the 70s and 80s also and it comes back again and again to remind us of the ‘rebel’ generation.        

Copy the ‘King’. Go classic. Mix and flout the gelled hair!

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