44 Goddess Braids Hairstyles For Women

All the ancient civilizations worship the women power in the form of mother goddess.These mythological women have inspired new hair styles in the modern times.

     These feminine and beautiful way of braiding ups the style quotient.Braid your hair close to the scalp.There are many styles and ways to braid in this ethnic style.

      Try to make your lines clean. You need to practice to get them.Don’t play much with those special braids. It will lead to frizziness

       The designs of this oversized cornrows vary to a huge extent.Use your natural hair or an extension to look like a modern day goddess. If your party schedule is busy then use the coifs which will remain intact for a longer period of time.

  This center parting hair style, goes down the neck.The braids are chunky and big.It is a low maintenance hair style.You the tough,big women make up your hair in the Mohawk style.

     Twist two bright colors in your goddess braid. Purple and violet or blue will bring out the hippy in you.Try different hues of the same color.Color your hair in different shades of blond before twisting them into those iconic braids.

  Wear a high pony tail or a high bun with cute little curls of bright shiny hair stuck to your temple. Chignon will look stunning and beautiful. Five goddess plait with two color hair will be an instant hit.

     Wash your hair properly before going into making the goddess hair style. Turn the twists inwards for a different look or try a very simple style with the basics, call your friend, say you want to share a secret, take her help in making three simple goddess braids, twist them into a single braid below your nape and leave the ends loose.

There are many innovative designs of goddess braids. But first and fore most you must have good hair. Load yourself with fresh vegetables and fruits. Hydrate yourself well to get the sheen back on your hair.

If you hate large,thick braids then you can try to break up your hair into five parts.Have small braids and then style them into either a low bun or a high topknot to get the sophisticated look.

       Don’t scream for attention.Love to braid yourself in the goddess hairstyle and people will love to turn and have a second look

You can add your own style to the braids. Take a single braid, twist it across your crown to have the classic style. It will make you look smart and cute at the same time. Use good amount of conditioner. Go natural. Using lots of hard pressed coconut oil can’t beat the expensive styling products. 

This ancient style of braiding takes things off your face, leaving it looking clean and fresh. No need of hair accessories. Your black shiny hair and the tones and hues you have used are more than enough. But you need not follow the crowd. Try on your own methods to look different and unique.

  Wash, condition and brush your hair nicely if you want picture perfect partings of your hair. Use a comb with long handles for best results.

Get the absolutely gorgeous braids and make people believe you are a goddess.

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