41 Gel Hairstyles For Men

Got a girl friend who loves your craziness but also neatness and style, don’t abandon her, run to the market to get some styling gel and haircut and hear her squeal in delight.

    Try the traditional style. Get the slicked back hair like Billy Zane in Titanic.Learn how to gel your hair. A badly gelled hair will leave your hair sticky.

     Weigh your hair. Check if you have got straight or curly or wavy hair. Use the haircut which will accentuate your good facial features. Wear tousled quiff if you want to go casual on the weekends. Rub a small amount of gel into your wet hair and style the cut.

     If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, then define them. The hair accessories are not only for the women. Dude, you can wear a cap or throw a colorful scarf for the sexy look.

Surprise your father on his birthday by wearing pompadour haircut. Blow dry your hair and style them in this vintage style.

Curly hair and gel are best buddies. Both really ‘gel’ together.Set your curls all over to style them the way you want. Change the hair from short to medium length to have different looks with your curls.

 Go for the slicked down quiff which looks awesome. Short Mohawk is the ‘in thing’ this spring. Spike up the hair you want with the gel to get amazing results. Be enviably stylish.

Have curly fringes on your high forehead. Apply lots of gel to create and hold each individual fringe well into the hectic day. Have very long hair to be the most fashion conscious man around. This style is hitting all over the world in 2017.Comb down the hair and apply gel to your fingertips before running them down the long hair.

  Mixing two hair styles is also fast becoming trendy this year. Be versatile and creative. Go for the easy – to – do styles. Angular quiff is for the wild party days when you have to go for the hard rock concerts.

    The sleek classic back down hair is best for your wedding day.Your best friend can also co-ordinate with you with the same hair style. Gel hair styles can be worn by men of all ages.

    A rebellious teen will want his hair look unkempt. A rough man would like to impress with a mohawk. An elderly gentleman would prefer small hair requiring little maintenance. All can make use of gel to shine.But wax or pomade is more preferable.

 Carry shoulder length hair like a Hollywood star if you feel change is urgently required. Part your hair from one side to turn it to the other while having the sides close shaven. Wear dark glasses to complete the look.

A little facial hair will work wonders with the tousled hair. Sport a tattoo on the neck to get along with your hair style.A guy with glasses can rock just as with those who don’t.Pick up a style which suits you best and make it your signature style. 

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