47 French Hairstyles For Women

Coiffer in French means to make or to arrange hair under a cap or such a thing. The modern word Coiffure means hairdo. From the variety of French haircuts and hair styles of buns and braids, the French bob cut is the most loved of all.It can be styled on all face shapes.

     Out in the wilds camping or attending a wedding, French bob cut is fit enough to be used. It is cute and simple. It must be used with little hair accessories, just don a trendy hat or a cap.

Teens and adolescent girls, style your hair in the futuristic bob cut to turn heads. With very straight hair you can achieve this target. A messy French bob can be worn on weekends when you want to enjoy to the fullest without the tension of looking too odd in the crowd.

  Have shoulder length hair? No worries.You too can wear sleek French bob. Cut your hair having side sweep bangs.French bobs always cover your ears Though the French bob suits most hair types only those with tight curls and rough hair cannot do this style.

  Ever seen French women with dry hair? Obviously no. Their secret lies in the way they care for their crowning glory. Never wash your hair daily.It will play havoc on your hair making it dry and brittle.

      If you have longer hair,tie up your hair in French banana buns. Leave few fringes to give a ‘I don’t care’ attitude.Style your French bob with a side part. Remember the French hair is never the flat iron hair sticking to your head. The famous hair stylists love the French hair for this quality of having a jump in it.

   Keep your scalp moist as the French women do to get their style. Braids are not very much in vouge but you can still plait your hair in those famous and unique styles of braiding hair.

       If you want to do away with the bob then pixie bob is there to help you to give a boyish look.Bob up your hair with baby bangs when tired of the long bangs.

Women with light brown hair or dark brown hair or black or even blonde hair can were the French styles with Elan. Curl up your French braid at the back to make a circular ring.Decorate small pink flowers and lo you are ready for the high society party.

Short bobs are for the older women. Add a shapely fringe. Try the layered bob. A wavy cut certainly won’t fail to make waves in your friend circle. Wear a small scarf tight around your neck with a side knot.Chic ladies can have the casual French bob cut,with the long bangs thrown recklessly across the face.

You can wear spectacles or sunglasses,without a hitch. Don’t overuse the hair products. Let your hair breath but smell fresh. Stop being jealous of Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard and all the Gallic girls out there.

   Remember-‘To be a French, Follow the French.’

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