32 Formal Hairstyles For Naturally Black Hair Women

Want your hair to look like a piece of art, even with your natural hair? Don’t worry it is not that difficult. Though there can be some trouble with your natural hair you can try to find long term solutions. If you encounter dry and brittle hair, have a short haircut and leave it to grow naturally.

      Twists are the fantastic hair style for short hair. Try two strand flat twist.Updos come as a relief in the hot summers.Use easy styles creatively.Pull up your curls on the top and tie them with a cute head band or weave a braid across the crown.

  Roll and pin up your hair in fantastic styles. Girls will envy you. Go classy with braids. Mix and match the different hair styles.You can braid your hair in corn rows at the sides leaving curls on the top.

Expose your tough side. Wear Fro-hawk or Mohawk hair styles. They work on black women just as they work on black men. Have the option of the wash and go style to give your hair the much needed relief from the over use of styling products and procedures and hot tools. 

     Invited for a formal dinner?Don’t get jittery.Style your hair in French braid with a front roll or add a rope twist to the hair across your crown. Get noticed.

        If you are getting late with no time in hand to style your hair, well, tie your hair on top of your head and leave the bangs covering your forehead. 

Make use of pins to give it a glam touch.

      Wear your hair in confidence according to the length. You can try elegant and complex styles. Braid your hair and tie them up randomly. You will come out with amazing results.

  Add a large flower to the side of the bun. Puff are an alternate to buns. Women with naturally shinny voluminous hair can make use of it by wearing messy hair styles and applying hair spray to keep the tresses in their right places.

     Short hair will certainly look decent with close cropped sides. If you have medium hair then you can leave your hair loose on sides or at the back while weaving your hair on the top.

  In love with your bangs? Not ready to forsake them at any cost?Well there are styles which will make your dream come true. Keep those bangs in place, braid your hair and tie them up in a high bun.

       Afros are always there for you. Highlight and color them.Use a pretty little scarf to look sexy. Ladies with heavy curls tie up your hair in a bun low on your neck and make a braid across your crown bringing it low on one side of your head.

     You can skillfully tie a topknot. Have few loose hair down below your nape at back or for change leave few strands in front. It will make you stand out from the crowd. Defined twists or loose twists are a must have for the women of fashion.

      Black blessed women with natural hair-shine!

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