46 Fohawk Fade Haircuts For Men

The Mohican or Mahicans are a native American tribe.They used to wear their hair by cutting it down to the skin but kept a strip of hair on their crowns.The name of the hair style mohawk derives from this native style. The tough Mohicans used to pluck their hair, for reasons better known to them. No need of showing the toughness medieval style. We have modern ways now. But we can’t deny that it is having quite a lengthy reign in the world of fashion.

Fohawk hair cut is a bit different from Mohican.Fohawkmeans fake hawk.It has got more styles than the Mohicans.Thus it is versatile to the core.Its popularity lies here.

          Both the haircuts are fast becoming trendy in 2018.In fohawk the sides of the head are not completely shaven off. There is a strip of hair running down from the center of the head unlike the Mohicans.It is a common method used to cut a fohawk.

This style has a cut which is broad at top and goes down to make a ‘V’ well below your neck. To make this cut you must avoid shaving or buzzing the sides of your head.

No wonder this style is popular among the rebellious teens.But men do not worry. You can style your fohawk haircut in many ways. You can select from the many trending fades.If the place where you work, is open with an informal work culture then you are lucky.Try as many fades as possible before you get to shift to a new setting and maybe a very formal hair style!

Styling a fohawk is an integral part of the cut.After towel drying, pull up the spikes with a styling gel. You can use even wax or pomade depending on your preference and choice.Keep the spikes in the middle with the hair on both sides flattened. Bold designs and cool colors blend well with this haircut.So go for them. Try crazy designs. Color your hair with as many shades as possible.

The fades are in high fashion at present. You can mix them with the fohawk to create many varieties. This hair style can be tried by men having all kinds of hair, be it straight or curly or kinky. It suits them all very well. Select a style of fohawk haircut which suits you best.

Have radial patterns drawn in temple fade mohawk style of haircut. Flout this unique version on your college ramp and win the prize of best model.Wear the distinctive style of classic fohawk. Let the tough guys go green with envy. 

Mix high fade haircut with a mohawk. Wear low fade mohawk by having low fade in sides and a tall strip of hair spikes on top.Replace the spikes with a pomp and start the trend of a modern fohawk in your neighbourhood. 

Is there a more better way than mixing the traditional mohawk style of hair cut with other trendy styles to get a ‘heady’ concoction? Of course, you all are shouting a big No.

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