20 Boho Hairstyles For Black Women

Are you a free spirit? A hippy at heart? A freak, artistic and unconventional black woman? Then the Boho hairstyles are for you. They can be ethnic yet ultra – modern. There are Boho hairstyles for women of all ages and face cut as well for all hair type.

Be a style goddess. Wear your hair natural or loose, make a bun or a knot, braid them or bob them, all are superb styles.

Experiment with your natural hair and be an inspiration! Curly hair can be worn short or even shoulder length. Collect them high on the head, tie it with a beautiful head band and see the results. Straighten them and wear them loose. Use flexirods on hair to make waves. Waves can be at the tip of the hair or on sides or right from the top.

Afro hair is for the unique identity. Wear it in different forms and sizes.Color it yellow or shocking pink with few fringes of emerald green for the rockstar look
Bored with the long braids? or short on precious time? Go bob.Bob hair are short and chic. They can be styled as crochet bob, sew in curly bobs,short curly bob, layered bob etc. Pixie hair cut is still hot.

Buns are fun. Make buns with the natural hair or braid them and then make a bun. Buns can be made with loose hair on the sides. Messy buns can be best for the bad hair days. Buns right on the top make you a style guru.

Topknots are attractive and elegant enough to be tried at a wedding or a formal evening party. Knots are best in those sweaty summers. They can be worn on sides or low on your nape.

Decide on a type of ponytail to suit the shape of your face. Wear it high or at one side.

Braids never fail to bring the inner goddess in you. Try different braids –  Knoted crochet braid and knotless crochet braid, French braid, light braid, kima braid, goddess braid, box braid, pile up braids, micro layered braid, twisted crochet braid etc.

Dreads are African-American style. Dreads need not mean unkempt. They can be quite elegant. In fact they are adventurous. You can tie them in numerous eye catching shapes. Braid and leave your dreads undone at the ends or make buns.

Sew in hair for the much needed makeover. Weave. No two weaves are same. African women have different types of hair. Pick up the hair and style which suit your personality best. It can be Brazilian, Cuban or from interiors of Ghana. Add hair extensions.

Head wraps are indistinguishable fashion statements. The markets are flooded with cute designs and colors. Learn to tie them in ways of the exotic African tribes. Learn different knots. Wear them on the forehead, at the sides or back down the neck.

Want to be a headturner? Mix traditional with unconventional. Wear a braid with curls or a crochet braid with twists. Dreads with braids. Highlight few strands or wear a wig. Carry a trendy coat. Have a turban as your crowning glory. Don’t feel guilty of wearing glasses with various hair styles.

There are hundreds of ways to make your hair. You can deck up with a fancy large butterfly hair pin here and a head band there. Use a colorful scarf or flowers or beads.

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