32 Bangs Hairstyles For Emo Girls

‘Emo’means emotional or lonely.The name traces its history to a genre of music which was hard rock of the mid 2000’s.The musicians in a bid to look different from others sported this hair style which took the world by storm. It was quite fashionable to wear this style in 2008 but it still has a big fan base all over the world.

  The image traditionally evokes a teen or an adolescent who is lonely, emotional, very sensitive, pessimist and melancholy. Not anymore. The youth today is more confident than of the 2000’s generation.

Emo hair styles or haircuts are known for its bangs. These bangs are brushed to one side to cover one or both the eyes. The bangs are long and heavy and numerous.Dark black eye liner complete the Emo or Scene look.
If you are in one of your ‘senti’ moods head to the nearest stylist,chop your tresses and show the harsh surrounding world your hidden feelings of emotional distress. Any young girl having hair above her shoulder length can flout this style. Choose between the long or short emo bangs.

 Don’t fear to sport the emo bangs as your style statement. Don’t think that the emo bangs look is only for those girls with classic straight hair. Girls with curly or wavy hair can do wonders to their personalities with this style     You can dare to opt out of the traditional emo cut of jet black hair,rugged edges and long side bangs. Add some quirky style. Be bright. Be creative. Experiment with new colors.

    Bored with the same style. You can add a fish tail braid behind, leaving your bangs on the sides. If you are short on time then just tie a messy pony tail with those bangs around your face. It can be done in two minutes flat. 
Stand out of the crowd. Add platinum or neon or pink color to the bangs which cover your forehead or to those at the sides.Find different makeup solutions from the classic dark eyeliner.
 Find completely new and chic answers to turn a fashionista. Make full use of the hair accessories. Spice up your life.
   Girls with curly hair emo bangs cut must not shy from tying up a colorful head band for the sweet look. Get the emo bangs hair cut with crimped hair for the much needed textured look.Apply an anti-frizz hair spray to keep your bangs in place.
 Use some glamorous highlights for your signature style. Sometimes get out of the straightened hair look. Make simple braids keeping the side long bangs or try a different style by wearing the braids keeping your side swept bangs sweeping your forehead. Let the world admire your creative streak!
  Girls with dark face must better avoid this cut as it will tend to give them a more darker shade. But if you want to go wild then this style is perfect for you.
There are dozens of bangs to style your emo haircut. Girls! Go! Conquer the big ‘bangs’ world !!!

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