24 High And Tight Fade Hairstyles For Men

The best thing about a man’s hairstyle is, it never gets out of style and if one hairstyle wins the heart of the masses, it will probably keep doing its rounds for the next 15-20 years.

Well, that is not something very bad; in fact, it is pretty easy for the guys to choose their own hairstyle based on the amount of hair, face shape and preferences. The latest hairstyle that is trending now is the men’s braid! But as not every one of them is ready to go for such maintenance. Some like to follow a simple hair style with low maintenance.

For guys who are into simple hairstyle, the best one is the high and tight haircut. This military haircut is pretty simple and yet pretty amazing for anyone who vows for simplicity. Here are a few high and tight hairstyles that men can try.

Blend the crew cut and the high and tight haircut and make one – the “high and tight crew cut”. This blend makes gives your hair a unique look. Although it takes a really, really long time to get the cut, it doesn’t take much effort and time to maintain the cut.

If you are a fan of fringes, then the “skin fade with fringes” hairstyle is your best friend. The hairstyle is all about being a short one, and still looks trendy and extremely stylish. A tip – get yourself a finely groomed beard and you are ready to rock the look!

If you have a full grown beard, you can always sport the “Smooth Fade hairstyle with beards”. A lot of guys love to sport the hair cut for the different and clean look it provides. What you need extra? A little maintenance and fades on the sides. You go boy!

Fringe with gradual fades in the high and tight haircut is another style that looks amazing on the military hair do. Guys, who love short hair cut, should go for this haircut.

Another amazing high and tight hairstyle is the side combed high and tight hairstyle for men. This hair style is so short that you do not have to worry about blow drying your hair after you wash it. the best part, it doesn’t require much of your attention and maintenance and it still looks amazing on your handsome face.

One way to rock the high and tight hairstyle is to sport the textured fringe look. If you like slightly long hair which doesn’t need much maintenance, you can try this haircut. 

What you need to do is leave the hair in the frontline slightly long with a touch of fringe with the sides faded. Could you ask anything more?

A lot of guys die for this high fades straight fringe hairstyle. In this haircut, the amount of hair on the crown of your head is more and the fades are pretty high compared to any men’s haircut. The haircut makes you look pretty neat and quite suave. A tip – keep your fringes straight.

The high and tight hairstyle is perfect for guys who don’t look for much maintenance. If you are someone who isn’t much into maintaining their hair, you must choose one of these. 

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