50 New & Cool Hair Color Ideas for Women

With all the different hair colors by various celebrities and Pinterest coming up with different and exciting hair color ideas, it must be quite difficult for you to cope up with the excitement. Well, you are not to be blamed at all as this is only normal when you such great hair, you must need a great hair color to match your spunk and attitude.

As the trend goes, the most exciting, loved and widely accepted hair colors are blonde and brown. Now you may think that when did these two go out of fashion ever; but seriously, this season these two colors are killing it.

Apart from these two all time favorite hair colors, there are plenty of brave women out there who are experimenting with different styles and designs of hair colors – from rainbow one to the lustrous rose gold; all sorts of styles are making its appearance this season! Read below for a few amazing and cool hair color ideas that may catch your attention for good.

The split hair color is the new sensation among the Instagram beauties – with all those hash tags around. The hair color is really cool where you split your hair into two halves and add different colors for both the parts. Seems like a cool hair color idea to you? Then try it out this season!

The more sun-kissed and subtle kind of ombre is the one that they call the vacation hair. The hair color actually soothes you and you can’t get enough of the “face-framing toffee highlight” looks that this one gives!

So you tired of the same old blonde and brown? Then why not try something in pastels? The Lilac hair color is all about pastels this season and you can’t just deny that is one big move one’s going to take! 

So the redheads are getting all the love and you want to be a part of it? Well, think about a color that gives you the feel of both a blonde and a redhead. 

The Strawberry blonde hair color is all about the sass these days. You will be smiling your way back home!

The Mahogany hair color is all about getting the brunette kick with touches of polished dark brown and earthy red undertones. Warm up your basic and boring brown with this sumptuous look!

Be brave enough to try out the latest granny trend hair color. The sophistication you get in this hair color is ultra satisfying and it keeps you unique from the rest. The hair color is nothing but the Ash Grey hair color which gives you an instant edge. Still thinking what to do? 

The rose gold hair color is another extraordinary hair color idea; which is not only luminous, but also romantic. The hair color is the most luxe one and can make you look like a celeb.

Here are a few cool hair color ideas you can try this season. So what are you waiting for? Get set going!

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