Ellen DeGeneres’s short & stylish hairstyles

Whenever it comes to acknowledging multitalented and self- made people, Ellen DeGeneres, is one of those few names that pops up in most people’s head. 

The 59 year old actress, producer, television host and producer is a charmer in herself. Not only has her splendid work performance, but her blond hair as well has mesmerized our hearts.

Ellen DeGeneres is a true inspiration and goal setter for most women across the oceans. 

She is the true idol for feminity, along with individuality.  Unlike the other celebrities, or women in general, Ellen DeGeneres has never carried long hair. She has always embraced her short, golden hair, and has made us fall for them as well.

They say it is the hardest job for a woman to play her part in a man’s world, but Ellen DeGeneres has proved herself to be no different than a man. It’s not just her work that makes her who she is, but also her hair. 

In the initial stage of her career, Ellen DeGeneres had her hair in a pretty girl- like fashion. She had her bob cut with her fringes that covered her forehead. In the upcoming years of her career, her hair grew shorter. 

Even though the length of her hair by the year 1994 was no longer than her tallest finger, she would set them in waves, increasing their volume and density, and carried them in a pretty elite manner. 

The late 20th century was a reality check year for her. By this time, her hair style and length had completely changed. The blonde woman still embraced the actual color of her hair, but had cut short them even more. They were parted from the side, and were cut into fringes. 

In her graph of shortening her with the time, Ellen DeGeneres went a step back, and elongated her hair a little before stepping into the twenty- first century i.e.  in the year 1999. She them all straight, up to the length of her chin, and swept them back, creating more volume at the front.

With the onset of elongating her hair, Ellen DeGeneres continued her new trend in the first few years of the twenty first century as well. She had an all together new look, her hair were cut into the feather style, blown towards the outer side with fringes at the front, which ere parted at the side.

Since the change is the only constant, a change had grown into the hair styling of Ellen as well. Her new hair style and hair cut had gotten back into the race with the male look. 

She had them short and layered, with rough broad fringes at the front, directed towards the side, she has also been witnessed to have her hair parted roughly at the center, with blow drying them towards the outer side from the back.


Looking at the graph and the actual hair styles of Ellen DeGeneres, one thing that we all can conclude is that the length of our hair doesn’t define our gender or beauty. Shorter hair of a woman too are as graceful as the longer hair.

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