50 Dip Dye Hair Color Ideas

There are various ways in which you can cut, style, tie and color your hairs. With countless colors in the world that you can apply on to your hair, there is countless number of ways with which you can dye them.

One such method is the dip dye method, which is really peppy and in these days, especially among the younger generation.

Dip dyeing is a pretty funky and versatile technique in itself. It is the two tone dyeing technique for the hair in which the color of the hair strands closer to its roots (the scalp area) have a different color than the extreme ends of the hair strands, when ran down along its length.

The hairs at the root level are usually darker in shade and hue than the hair at the extreme areas, which is usually three to six times lighter. The color at the extreme ends of the hair strands, (may or may not) hardly matches the color at the roots of the hair strands. 

Contrasting of the two colors is the basic principle underlining the technique of dip dyeing the hair.

Even though the technique of dip dyeing the hair strands seems to be pretty fixated, there is no restrictions or boundaries to your creativity. Having long hair to apply the technique of dip dye your hairs is a pure myth.

The technique of dip dyeing the short hair works successfully as well. If you have short hair that reach to your neckline, dip dyeing your hair can be your thing. 

If you have short hair, and want your hair to look a little more elongated, try dip dyeing it with darker shades, for instance, if you have black hair, try going for the hues of maroon, dark brown etc. it adds on to the length by adapting themselves and amalgamating with your actual hair color. 

Whereas if you want your short hair to stand out, and highlight themselves and the features of your face (such as your eyes, nose etc), you should try dip dyeing them light, and all together contrasting colors, such as green, blue, pink etc. 


Thinks marks the actual length of your hair strands, making them to appear shorter than their actual size. This technique works on changing the perception of the viewer as well, as now the watcher sees things in parts rather than a whole.

Another great idea of dip dyeing your hair strands is dyeing them in rainbow colors (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red). The hair which have undergone bob cut can get this color scheme on to themselves. It will give the hair uneven symmetry, giving a little wacky look.

Have you always that short hair can only provide you comfort in the time of sunny season? It turns out your thought was just a bubble of illusion which enveloped your short hair. 

It is time now for your hair to feel the colors for the world. Get going; create your own impression of dip dyeing.

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