47 Female Celebrity Blonde Hair Color Styles

One word which everyone associates with blonde is beauty. The blonde ladies always stand out for their unique, and equally eye- pleasing hair. With the blonde hair being so elegant in it-self, most of the celebrities are not just going blonde, but also creating new hairstyles, ranging from being elegant to rustic.

In the coming lines, we will discuss more about the celebrity blonde hairstyle which you too can assuredly apply to yourself if you too are blonde.

The blond color itself varies from light to dark hues and tints, and do does the ways of arranging them. 


Many celebrities have successfully carried the blond hairs in their own fashion and created an inspiration of hair styles, especially for blonde women. A few of such celebrities are discussed below.

The famous Blondie, Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, has always won our hearts not just by her work, but also by her hair, and the way she carries them.

When it comes to acknowledging her in loose hair, she has had various hair styles ranging from leaving them straight and smooth, to wavy with bangs, to fringes and curls. One of her most popular looks is her long bob hair style.

Apart from looking absolutely gorgeous in her loose blonde avatar, Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon looks equally stunning in her tied hair- do. 

She has been seen in high ponytails with semi puff, in the ponytail with wavy long, in side fringes, in ponytail with straight fringes covering her forehead and a small, in a decently tied bun with puff at the centre top of the head, in the semi, one- sided braid, the all braided look, the messed up fish tail braid, the two, tightly packed, semi braid at only one side of the head etc.

Another famous blonde celebrity which one can look up to while styling their golden hair is Lauren Conrad. The famous American television face looks equally mesmerizing in loose or tied hair. 

Few of her hair styles that one should definitely try implementing on to themselves are the two half braids at the front top, the rustic waves with side part, the broad curls at the bottom, the short wavy hair- dyed darker at the top, the side bangs with long layers, the standing broad curls, the half pinned short hair… 

the rolled out hair in steps at the bottom, the hair tiara hair style, smooth fringes, the braided bun, the long standing curls, the messy bun, the puffed up ponytail, the long uneven waves, the curls with bangs parted from the center, the standing curls with smooth fringes at the top, the smooth and straight blow dried hair, the long side layers, and the low ponytail with fringes.

At a fix thinking about how to style your autumn hair today? Don’t stress yourself , the celebrities have the answer to all your anxieties, try replicating them, who knows, perhaps you will invent something better on your own. Just remember, keep it simple, comfy and stylish in your own sense.

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