38 Braids with Beads Hairstyles For Young Black Girls

Braiding is a tradition in various African culture, still remains in the hit list of hairstyling. Thanks to the Africans for still continuing this tradition and also spreading it worldwide.

Black beauties have always been adorning these decorative beads and  also provided a room to evolve the same. We have seen celebrities donning in this gorgeous avatar from time to time. This hairstyle is like a boon during summer times as it requires little maintenance, but still remains powerfully stylish.

With time this braiding is developing and emerging more and more stylish every year. Trying to remind us that even though it comes from ancient times but still has the potential to grasp the modern era. 

With the ascend of natural movement more women are sticking to braided hairstyles to protect and nurture their hair. Whether a fierce look or dominating it in pride this braids are increasing their popularity.

While the hairstyle remains summer friendly it is seen that more and more people are rocking this braids with box beads. While most of them are inspired by the traditional look , some are finding their own ways to style this ever growing  hairstyle.

Sticking to tradition some braids are inspired from the Cleopatra look. With long braided hairs the beads occupying the bottom lines of the braids . The look can go with the long hair and will look equally graceful medium length hair. They say it right style like a queen.

Want some girlish touch to braids , the well placed cuffs along with beads add panache to an already beautiful braided hair. You can keep the hairs as you want. 

Swirls are not anymore ice cream things because they can be used to don a look in braided hairstyle. Looks trendy and adds colors to the hair.

Lazy for braiding all of your hair??  Well you can use hanging loose to get the look. Just a few cuffs and colorful beads can give the illusion and leave the rest to your gorgeous hair. 

Another look consists of two tiny beaded braids and a cuff-festooned braid crown and you get a updated version of the traditional hairdo. 

Chunky beads with stands of unbraided hair parted into the top sections with gold cuff give an entirely different way of fashioning these beads.

The beads discussed were of medium size, as it was easy to work with them.There are beads available having smaller dimensions. Though this kind of beads is tricky and often requires a whole lot of time. But the result that you get is simply worth it. Imagination is the limit.

Make the look even more voguish  by highlighting hair and contrast colored beads can be the perfect way to complete the look and looks even more fab. 


Half up and half down never goes out of fashion. Brown beads with convoluted patterns are super imperial.

Rings, cuffs and beads are the other ways to accessorize the braids that  increases the plain braid look to ultimate  fashionista goals.


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