44 Pretty Braided Headband Hairstyles for Girls

Headband is usually used as an accessory to hold hair away from face and eyes. Nowadays it is rather used as fashion more than to prevent the hair from coming in the front of eyes or face.

It adds an extra texture . Sometimes you can carry it with well combed hair or can rock that messy hair look.  A headband is something that is found in the wardrobe of every girl who likes to play with different hairdos.  

Talking of hairdos one can also fashion the braided headband hairstyle without using the artificial head band. This hairstyle is designed in such a way that it gives the impression of headbands by criss crossing the hairs in some pattern. 

It is one of the best hairstyles that gives an illusion of effort but is actually simple. Best for styling in sports or when you have to style unwashed hair. This braided headband hairstyles looks better than carrying the actual headbands .It is a kind of upgrade you can say.

From a school going girl to office ladies, from getting a funky look to give a nice elegant romantic look  this hairdos can be used anywhere. There is always something new coming in this type hairstyle. 

This hairstyle is high in popularity and is used in many different ways. Many creative patterns of this hairstyle is available that can make you look more beautiful. These hairstyles are super easy and add charm to your face.

There are many styles available that can make your air look creative .One such style is French braided headband. It is easy to achieve and looks creative. Goes with all kinds of hair. Long straight band gives the actual headband look. Easy to achieve and super classy in look. 

This braided headband can go with pony tails and buns. With buns you can use the classic patterns and can assemble them as you wanted. Several hairstyles have found their inspiration from this kind of hairdo. 

Rolled up braided headband gives new dimensions to headband hairdo. Achieved simple by rolling the hair alternatively in the crown area. This look is perfect if you are searching for a elegant one.  

If you have bangs you can carry a braided headband in the crown area and can complete the look with a bun . This look is perfect for a romantic gateway. 

If you are a puff fan, then the same look can be achieved simply by making puff at the crown area and taking the headband above it and completing the look with elegant buns. This hairstyles are a effortless ways of looking elegant at the very first sight.

Giving a messy twist to this hairdo can make you look like a  absoulute style diva. Keeping the bangs in the front and loosening the hairs at the back is way classier than it looks. 

Wavy loose curls add an extra cuteness to this hairdo. This look is for all ages. The dutch fishtail braid is something which makes you look mature at the same time elegant.  The divided patterns  along with ponytail make this look manageable.

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