35 Box fade haircut for men

Everybody likes to get a hairstyle that calls their attitude out. And who gonna leave such style if it do help them shine!

Men of African-American rap artists in 80’s and 90’s era put the idea of faded styles. And that got much attention and demand.Blending it with a Box hair cut came as an absolute freaky idea.

A box fade hair cut on perfection seems as if a rectangular box is placed over your head.It is still famous among blacks ,they make use of it well, as it brings their youthfulness out. 

It seems hair on the rest part, that is upper head to be much thicker and voluminous than usual after a box fade cut. An easy-to-create haircut that can alter your alter your total outlook dramatically.So this Box fade haircut has never been stayed outdated for longer time.

You get fades variations as your wish, as suiting to your look.High, medium and low fades are available from your nape area extends to head. 

On different names gets done the fades like, Classic fade, Skin fade, Shadow fade, Drop fade, Taper fade, Bald fade, Temple fade, etc. Box fade hairstyle is more suitable and mostly recommended for heavily curly haired ones. 

Box fade hairstyle has got variations by time, as of now you get Full box fade, Box fade easy, High top box fade, Big box fade, Fresh box fade, Melbourne box fade etc.

Even though curly hair used to get it recommended for, as of now, any hair type can choose to have a boxfade cut for them.As it is already mentioned above don’t you have more choices now! 

For a light curly hair, top can be maintained short and blend it with a low fade. Or as your wish you can keep your top long or high top, short or whatever. If you choose, you get a rounded box too. 

For straight hair combover seems to be stylish and classy. Clipped styles do its best to enhance your cool appearance if you choose to, and also for a professional outlook.

Box fade cut can accompany other tricks too to enhance a stylish outlook. Stripes. If you would you like to get strikes or if you say any designs over the faded side, ‘Mohawk’style can help you. 


Do you have a choice of having tattoo done around your neck, backside of your ear, box fade could be the most recommended one for sure. What about having beard?

Beard is always a pride for men and a point of attraction for girls too. Do you know how would it be looking if you keep your beard disconnected along with fade!

Boys unlike past years have choices in fashion same as girls now.It’s every girl’s inborn desire to see men stylish. Hey, let them find a much better version of you.

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