35 Box fade haircut for men

Everybody likes to get a hairstyle which showcases their attitude. For a lot of men, the box fade fits that bill perfectly. Masculine and short, this hairstyle adds a good squareness to the contours of the face while being easy to maintain and style at the same time

Men of African-American rap artists in 80’s and 90’s era were the ones who brought the box fade to the forefronts which over the last decade or so has gotten a lot of limelight and embraced by the mainstream culture.

The right box fade haircut can make you look both masculine and add a touch of youth to your face. It is also a fantastic hairstyle for anyone facing a receding hairline. The short sides help the top look more voluminous than it actually is and create the illusion of a fuller mane.

Box cut is easy-to-create haircut that can alter your total look dramatically. You can also add fun razor cuts to your sides to create interesting patterns

There are a lot of variations to the box cut hairstyle. You have an option to choose from low fade to high fade and also create various razor cut patterns or nape designs.

How the box fade differs from it’s closely related hairstyles like the classic fade, skin fade or the temple fade is that the top is very flat in the box fade and the lines are super sharp to the point it can often look ridiculous if its not done well.

Box fade suits different styles of curl types. Whether you have a head full of super curly 4c hair or the less tighter curls of type 2 or type 3, you can still make the box fade haircut work equally well for you. As you can see the difference in the above and below image, the two men have two different curl types but both are rocking the box fade haircut equally well.

The length of hair you leave on top will vary a lot depending on your hair type and how comfortable you are with rocking a longer top. If you have the confidence for it, definitely go for a longer top. You can also add a lot of texture to the top.

For a light curly hair, top can be maintained short and blended with a low fade. 

You can also not restricted from getting rounder box cuts on top or trying eccentric styles. More often than not a rounder contour to the top looks way more natural than a sharp top. You can also try layers or levels to the top like the one in the picture below.

You can always pair up your box cut with a mohawk or different hair colors. An ombre or blonde highlights would look great with a box top cut

A lot of men wearing box fade haircuts usually avoid beards but there is no rule saying you can’t rock a beard along with it. Especially for men with round faces, the combination of a beard and box haircut adds the missing squareness required to contrast the roundness and looks great overall
We hope this article and the various styles shown have been helpful to you.

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